GYE helps those struggling with inappropriate materials and related behaviors.

All services are anonymous and free! Watch the video below to learn how GYE can help. Trouble viewing? Download here


About Us

rfeldman"There is an international scourge attacking the Jewish People which threatens to tear apart the fabric of Jewish life. It has spared no class of Jews: from teenagers to kollel members, from office workers to rabbis, and from single to married men. "Guard Your Eyes" is actually the only weapon we have at our disposal."

— Rabbi Aharon Feldman, Mo'etzes Gedolei HaTorah of America

rtwerski"I doubt that at any time in our history has there been as grave a threat to the morality of our people and to the stability of the Jewish family. And the only weapon we have against it, the only one, is GuardYourEyes, which is saving lives and families."

— Rabbi Abraham J. Twersky, MD, Founder of Gateway Rehab


The Guard Your Eyes organization ( has been relatively unknown until recently, but with the expansion of its efforts and proven success, it is becoming known throughout the Jewish world today as the leading resource for dealing with the prevention and treatment of internet related problems.

Fueled mainly by the accessibility and anonymity of the Internet, this affliction has spared no class of Jews all across the religious spectrum. This widespread problem is destroying more peoples’ marriages and Yidishkeit than almost anything else today. Many of the social ills afflicting the Jewish community today such as youth-at-risk, broken marriages and even child abuse and molestation can be traced back to this issue. Much of our communities’ investments in education today are being undermined by the strong-pull of these temptations.



Guard Your Eyes has helped prevent thousands from falling into these pitfalls by providing comprehensive filter services, daily shiurim and chizuk e-mails on Shemiras Einayim, articles and tips, and by boosting awareness of the dangers and giving practical tools on how to avoid these tests. We also have a team of certified computer technicians who offer free help for anyone who wants advice or hands-on assistance with installing filters.


In Just a few years of operations, with a meager yearly budget and minimal advertising, Guard Your Eyes has helped thousands of Jews get back on a path of sanity, healing and self-control. This has been accomplished through the many features of our network which include a website, forums, handbooks, chizuk e-mails, hotlines and 12 step phone conferences and groups.


Guard Your Eyes, GYE.Corp:
  • Yaakov N, Founder and Websites Administrator
Advisory Board:
  • Rabbi Avraham J. Twerski, Founder of Gateway Rehab Center
  • Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW
Rabbinical Board:
  • Rabbi Aharon Feldman, Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of America
  • Rabbi Yosef Viener, Rav of Kehilas Shaar Shamayim, Monsey
  • Rabbi Dovid Heber, Rav of Khal Ahavas Yisroel Tzemach Tzedek, Baltimore
  • Rav Yosef Yitzchak Rosenfeld, Beis Horo’ah Shevet Levi, Monsey
Additional Endorsements:
  • Rabbi Avraham Chaim Levine, Yoshev Rosh Vaad Roshei Yeshivos
  • Rabbi Binyumin Eisenberger, Rav of Cong. Heichal Hatfilah, Brooklyn
  • Rav Shraga Hager, Kossover Rebbe
  • Rav Shlomo Milller, Rosh Kollel Toronto
  • Rav Motte Frank, Breslev Jerusalem
  • Gary Torgow, Detroit
  • Gedalia Weinberger, Brooklyn
  • Tovia Schottenstein, Columbus
  • Rabbi Berel Wein, Jerusalem
  • Shmuel Yossef Reider, Manhattan
  • Avraham Wolfson, Brooklyn
  • Nachman Auerbach, Monsey
  • Moshe Vegh, Philadelphia
  • Frank Menlo, Los Angeles
  • Sol Goldner, Los Angeles
  • Avi Mayer, LA / Jerusalem
Legal Officers:
  • Eli Golshan, President
  • Daniel Balsam Esq, Secretary
  • Yaakov Lach, Treasurer
Phone Conferences:
  • Duvid Chaim, Daily noon call, Mon-Thurs
  • Shlomo, Daily Night call,
  • Steve, Daily Morning call
  • Dov, Sun and Tuesday call
  • Rachamim, Friday and Sunday call
  • Yosef, Daily Chizuk Call
  • Dovi, Sun – Thursday afternoon Shmiras Ainayim Call
  • Miriam, Bi-Weekly Spouses Call
GYE Filter Division:
  • Tzvi S. Brooklyn, certified computer technician
  • Mechel M, Monsey, certified computer technician
  • Joel M., filter installation and support
Web Development Team:
  • Mendy E: Design, Templates and Programming
  • MindK Lab, Oleg Nesterov and Team, Ukraine: Programming
  • C. Silver: Data Entry