The KBA Initiative (KBA = K’nas Based Accountability)

accountabilityFREE for the first 100 people joining! 

The idea of Internet Accountability is simple: A person will not view inappropriate material on the internet if others could see what they have viewed. 

By joining the KBA system you can remain anonymous and the ones reviewing the reports do not know who you are. The accountability is achieved through a “Knas” that is agreed upon during sign-up. 

The reports are checked over by a live person to make sure there is no room for mistakes. If a bad report is confirmed, your credit card will be charged the predetermined K’nas within 48 hours (and you will be sent an e-mail of chizuk and resources that can help you stay strong for next time).

To sign up, fill out the secure form below. We will email instructions on how to download and install the software.

Your credit card information will be stored with strong encryption. You will not be charged a cent unless we get a bad report!

Q: What is considered a bad report? A: We have non-Jews who check the reports. They are intelligent enough to differentiate between occasional mistakes and the intentional viewing of inappropriate material. We only charge for sites that are considered erotic/lewd even by non-Jews.

For more questions about how the system works, write to For technical questions (such as "Will this work on my iPhone?") write to or

The KBA Initiative

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