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He is looking For a Mentor
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Region North America
Contact preferences Chat, Email, Phone, Text Messaging, Whatsapp
Correspondance Frequency Wants to be in touch once in a while
Languages English
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Age 69
Marital status Married
Children -
Religious from birth Yes
Additional info I have managed to stop on my own - and I am clean for a long while
Story Used porn off an on since a teenager. Probably was instrumental in walling off my wife from my 1st 2 marriages. Since becoming religious I got married again when my daughter in Jerusalem and my wife's daughter in Jerusalem decided my wife and I should meet. After a year she caught me using porn and it has devastated her. I stopped immediately last September after Yom Kippur and have not ooked since. We have been seeing a CSAT therapist once a week and I am in 5 different groups as well. My problem is that my sponsor for the 12 step program is not Jewish and not moving forward with the 12-steps. I am stuck on starting step 4 but he has not been helpful. I am looking for a sponsor (Jewish) for the 12 steps.

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