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He is looking For a PartnerTo be a mentor
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Region North America
Contact preferences Phone, Whatsapp
Correspondance Frequency Wants to be in touch once in a while
Languages English
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Age 27
Marital status Married
Children -
Religious from birth No, only 6 year(s)
Additional info I have managed to stop on my own - and I am clean for a long while
Approach to recovery Like the message in many of the GYE chizuk broadcasts, my approach to recovery starts with immediately getting up and resolving to improve. The sting of embarrassment, regret, and tumah has to be turned into a catalyst for being stronger than ever before in Torah and Mitzvahs and overall menschlikeit. Going forward, a Jew always has to have complete faith that Hashem gives him at every moment the strength to be victorious.
Story Improving in Shmiras HaEnayim, proper use of the internet, and Tznius has been a very personal journey. During high school and college, I would go for long periods of time able to control myself, but would have major setbacks and always struggle internally with this battle. Since being exposed to the teachings of Chabad chassidus a few years ago, I gained a perspective that gave me great chizuk and focus. However, deep down I still had a struggle, and after personal and professional setbacks I had a "fall" two years ago in Tishrei. I thought I had mastered this battle, but clearly I hadn't and felt embarrassed. That is when I turned to GYE, reading information on the website and registering for the daily chizuk broadcast. Boruch Hashem this basic chizuk, as well as other support systems, have turned these past years into one of immense growth. The most important aspect of GYE for me has been just knowing there is a community of fellow Jews trying to achieve a life of purity and holiness, and having a collective sense of working towards a goal. Now I am focused now on helping others help themselves, assisting other young men find the inner courage and connection to Hashem to win this battle confidently.

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