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Cjb's Profile

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He is looking For a Mentor
  Contact Info   
Region North America
Contact preferences Email
Correspondance Frequency Wants to be in touch once in a while
Languages English
  Personal Info  
Age 18
Marital status Single
Background Yeshivish
Children -
Religious from birth Yes
Additional info I tried to stop many times and was unsuccesful staying stopped
Story I’m in a main stream yeshiva and I dorm there the whole week so on Friday and On off shabbosim when I come home its a big struggle I really want to stop I feel like it’s holding me back from learning I’ve been struggling for 2 years now and it’s killing me inside I feel so stupid after I want a mentor to inspire me and help me out that the same way you did it I could do it. I could only read the emails on Friday.

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