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Tool 19: Rehab

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Tool 19: Rehab

If we’ve tried everything and still can't break free, perhaps we need some time to get away from society completely to be able to focus fully on recovery for a period of time. Just as in drug and alcohol addiction, often the withdrawal symptoms are simply too hard to bear. The only way to break free is to be under supervision and be in a place where we simply cannot access our “drug” in anyway, for a while. Here are a few ideas that the GYE network has put together:

1) The Meadows ( is a multi-disorder inpatient addiction treatment facility specializing in the treatment of a broad range of addictions.

2) The Experiential Healing Center of Tennessee ( offers group therapy and a trauma healing workshops.

3) Torah & The 12-Steps ( is a rehab option in Florida, run by a religious Jew who developed a 12-Step Torah approach to recovering from addictions. He currently deals mainly with other types of addictions, but he is interested in expanding his work to include sexual addiction as well.

4) Sexual Recovery ( is based in Los Angeles and treats clients from all over the world, providing intensive programming that works to eliminate compulsive, addictive or offending sexual behavior. Their 5 and 10-day Intensive Programs (IOP's) offer focused daily psycho-education and individual therapy, as well as structured social support and spousal involvement and are a well-established, functional treatment alternative for those who cannot afford the time or money for a 4-5 week residential stay. (Patients can stay in a local recovery house or with friends).

5) See (Dr. Patrick Carnes) to discover more rehab options in the U.S.

6) Retorno in Israel is a center for treatment of addictions. It is run by religious staff and has seen much success in treating the religious community for a wide range of addictive behaviors. For more information visit the website:, or contact:

United States: Pinny Shreiber, E-Mail: Pinny [at] retorno [dot] org, Tel: 718-285-9815

Israel: Gil Braverman, E-Mail: gil [at] retorno [dot] org, Tel: 972-52-244-3641

Be in touch with us through our website or hotline for an updated list and more options.

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