Saturday, 24 March 2012

Finding Joy in Torah

by Bardichev (See all authors)

There is no such concept as "I am not cut out for learning", yet many people FEEL that way. When we where young, we where FORCED to learn, and that in itself often took away from us the CHESHEK. It is a crime that some parents, teachers and rebbe'im robbed the Cheshek from their students.

But to set the record straight, everyone can learn something. Everyone needs to learn something.

Torah IS the source of life. And it is brought down in the Holy books that everyone has a portion in Torah.

Again: EVERYONE has a portion in torah.

So if you ask, where does this come into battling our horrible addiction?

The answer is - my friends, that everything in this world was built on the mechanics of Male/Female attributes, which means provider/receiver (the Kabbalists explain this more in depth). Simply put, Hashem is the ultimate provider, and we - the world, are the receivers.

The glue that bonds the Male (or the Giver) to the Female (the Receiver) is called CHESHEK - Desire.

TORAH NEEDS TO BE LEARNED WITH CHESHEK. That is what satisfies a person. If you have no CHESHEK in Torah, you will automatically feel an urge to place the CHESHEK elsewhere, and usually it is in sin, which ultimately leads to addictive behavior.

But what if you don't have a CHESHEK to learn? TRY, TRY, TRY to find a subject or a Rebbe, or a shiur, or a chavrusa, or something - anything, that interests you in Torah. After all, every subject in the world, from A-astrology to Z-zoology - and everything in between - is covered by our Holy Torah.

The Chafetz Chaim explains that Torah is "MACHSHIRO LIYOS TZADDIK" i.e. it prepares one to become a Tzadik. It is like Kashering the vessels, it cleans one out and makes him Kosher.

So let's open our minds and try to get into TORAH, and we will succeed to break free of the addiction with ease!

Humbled and happy