Thursday, 10 May 2012

Experience how you will be transformed.

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Someone once wrote on the forum:

I have been in that dark pit.

If you listen I will help you out of there.

You have to remember.
Remember your youth, your younger days, where life was happy and pure.
Believe , that is how life is meant to be.
The pit is not real (even though it seem momentarily real and painful)

Make a resolution, to move forward to POSITIVITY, to purity of mind and soul, to reality, and out of distortion of reality.
ONE step at a time.
To where there is truth
To where there is purity
To where there is happiness

G-d, the G-d of Israel, is the source of all these things.

How do we connect to the source of Goodness, purity , happiness, reality, truth, inner peace, and self control?
How do we rectify a distorted mind?

Learn a word of Torah today.
Tomorrow, another one, and so on ....
Turn to the mighty purifying waters of Torah, step by step, and HaSh-m , will lead you out of the quagmire.
Trust in Him.

Do His mitzvot , without reason, simply , because He, Baruch Hu , commands us .

This is a starting point.

Experience how, you will be transformed.

If the urge returns, turn to HaSh-m. Know that He is the Source of True life and Goodness, even in this world.
All other pleasure are fleeting and pale , next to the pleasure of connecting to your Maker, of connecting to True life.

Be faithful to HaSh-m, and then you will be faithful to everyone else.

Be strong.

A friend, a Jewish brother.