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Kosher Isle Shiurim

KosherIsle Shiurim

Shiurim about this struggle

R' Aryeh Feigenbaum - Teshuvah Drasha 5774

The BEST Teshuva Drasha you've ever heard!

Rabbi Shais Taub - How Can Hashem Love Me?

Erev Yomim Nora'im Preparation: How can I expect G-d to love or forgive me when I'm still acting out?

Can we S-addicts really do a MORAL Inventory?

Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski discusses the importance of Step 4 and 5, from a psychological and Jewish perspective.

Deep Insights into the Big Book - from Scott, DC's Sponsor.

Scott, is Duvid Chaim's sponsor, is gifted in his ability to simplify the Program and help us all keep focused on the bullseye.

Rabbi Feigenbaum - Shavous 5773 - Receiving Torah - Receiving Life

Rabbi Feigenbaum - Before Shavous 5773 - The Power of Na'aseh V'Nishma

Rabbi David Aaron - Shavuous 5773 - La'Asok B'Divrei Torah

Rabbi David Aaron - Before Shavuous 5773 - Torah: The Master Key to Renewal and Transformation

Obsessions of the Mind

A POWERFUL insight into THE OBSESSION OF THE MIND - By Rabbi Shais Taub

How can G-d love a Slave like me?

It's Pesach again - Rabbi David Aaron helps us understand how G-d can love a slave like me.

What the Heck is SHE thinking?

Call by Miriam, a spouse of an addict: Hear it from a Woman who Knows.

Rabbi Feigenbaum: FREEDOM - How to get it, How to keep it (followed by Q&A)

Preparation for Pesach. What is the meaning of real FREEDOM?

Rabbi David Aaron - "Why the heck are you picking on me Hashem?!"

Rabbi David Aaron, a gifted speaker and best selling author, helps us gain valuable Torah insight into God's ways and the real value of our Struggles.

Rabbi Shais Taub + Q & A

A Meaningful 4th Step Fearless and Moral Inventory, Jan 2, 2013

Dr. Brown

A Talk about Vulnerability

Rabbi Aryeh Feigenbaum

Teshuva Drasha 5773

Rabbi Shais Taub

Spoke to the group on Sept 5, 2012