Set up a TaPHSiC Fence

What is the TaPHSiC method and why should I try it?

The TaPHSiC method, which stands for The Physical Spiritual Combo, has worked wonders with many Frum addicts and has freed many people from the addiction. (TAPHSIC also means "STOP" in Hebrew).

Setting up a TaPHSiC fence involves making a Shvuah in a very smart way, for a very specific amount of time. It helps make the consequences of acting-out much more REAL to us, and it also trains us not to act compulsively. Many addicts find that when they impliment the TaPHSiC method it's like turning off a "switch" in the mind where acting out becomes no longer an option.

Click here to read more about the TaPHSiC method and to find an easy-to-use generic Nussach to help you use this tool easily and safely.

Note: The TaPHSiC method has been approved and endorsed by Gedolim, Physcologists and Poskim alike.