How will GYE's 12-Step Phone Conferences help me?

The 12 Step program, began in the 1930's with Alchoholics Anonymous, has helped millions of people around the world to break free of addictive behaviors, whether it's alcohol, drugs, gambling or sexual addiction. Success in this program has been seen only when the steps are worked in the context of a group and not alone. If you find it too difficult to join a face-to-face SA (Sexaholics Anonymous) meeting or you are concerned about privacy and anonymity but you know that you would benefit by working the 12 Step Program, then GYE's anonymous phone fellowships are for you!

Our phone conferences are one of the most powerful tools on GYE. They are geared towards men who are willing to make a serious commitment to finally find the freedom from their addiction. (Contact us for info on calls for women).

Each call is moderated by an experienced sponsor who has been clean for a long time and is now sharing his success with the other men on the call. The calls use the traditional and proven format used by millions of 12 Step sponsors and sponsees who have, with G-d’s help, found recovery and freedom from their addiction.

GYE's main conferences take place 3 times a day (Monday through Thursday). You can find the hour that works best for you, and try to stick to it each day. GYE also has other phone conference calls that take place sporadically throughout the week.

See the full chart of call-times here.