For three years, we have been telling donors that once we complete the GYE web development, we will do a massive advertising campaign and reach tens of thousands of Yidden who need our help.

Although our web-development has still not reached full completion, we feel that we have made adequate progress to able to handle and help many thousands of members. It is therefore our greatest responsibility to Klal Yisrael (and to our donors) to make a big advertising push. Our goal is to get the word out to every Jew that help is available for those who want to protect themselves (www.venishmartem.com) or those who have already fallen r"l and need help to break free (www.guardyoureyes.com). 

In just one month, we paid out over $50,000 for these unprecedented deals...
For weeks in the beginning of 2013, we employed every persuassion tactic in the book to get the best deals possible from the most popular Jewish websites who cater to our target audience. The websites were all very warm to our cause and bent over backwards to give us arrangements that they have never given to anyone else. We managed to get deals based on "clicks" as opposed to just having the banners display. This ensures that we get our money's worth for every penny spent. After weeks of negotiations, we closed excellent deals with YeshivaWorld.com, Arutz 7, and Vosizneias.com for the entire year of 2013.

In just one month, February 2013, we paid out over $50,000 for these deals (see receipts and calculations below). We would normally not make such a large investment all at once, but the only way to close these amazing deals with the websites was to commit to advertise our multiple sites on their websites for a full year.

As a result of this large pay-out in one shot, we are currently very low on cash flow. We were just in the U.S in early Jan 2013 for the Agudah Convention, and we really don't have the time now to make another fund-raising trip. We are very busy finishing up our web-development, especially the new VCF filter that we believe will revolutionize the Jewish world.

We are offering you the tremendous zechus of purchasing actual clicks. Think about it: With every click, you are potentially saving a life, both in ruchniyus & gashmiyus, a marriage, and even generations to come! Please help us to get through the coming months without needing to embark on a new fund-raising trip! 

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