A Few Important Notes:

1.) In order to post on the forum, you must be a registered user of our website. Registering only takes a couple of minutes and can be done here.

2.) We have a special forum for women (which is not accessible to the men - nor to "guests" who are unregistered). A woman who signs up to our site must leave a message at 646-600-8100 Ext 6. before we can approve her account and give her access to the women's forum and chatrooms. (This is for everyone's safety, to make sure men can't gain access to the women's sections).

3.) We have a special forum for "Married Men" (which is not accessible to regular members), where married men can discuss issues that they may be uncomfortable discussing in the open forum among singles (such as Niddah cycles, marital relations, and issues that come up with their wives, etc.). If you are married, you should have access to this forum. If you are having trouble, please send an e-mail to gye.help@gmail.com.

4.) We have a special forum for spouses of addicts (which is not accessible to anyone else). If you are the spouse of an addict, you should have access to this forum. If you are having trouble, please send an e-mail to gye.help@gmail.com.


How to Use the Forum

As with many things, experience is the best teacher. In other words, the best way to learn how to use the GYE forum is by using the GYE forum!  These tips cannot cover every feature that the forum offers, but will attempt to cover the basics.

1.) The GYE forum contains many different boards. Each board has its own purpose, which can be seen under its description on the main page of the forum.  Before starting a thread, decide which board the thread belongs on.  For example, a man might post about his struggles on the "Break Free" board, give tips on the "What Works for Me" board, and keep a log of his progress on the "Wall of Honor" board.

2.) Once you've chosen which board on which to post, start the thread by clicking "new topic", give a title to your thread in the subject line, and write your first post on the thread (more on writing posts below).

3.) If you want to add to your thread or respond to someone else’s thread, do not start a new thread.  Rather, go to the thread you’d like to add to, click “reply,” and compose your post.

4.) Much like using a word processor, the forum allows you to format your text in various ways.  For example, you can choose the text color, text size, bold print, italics, underlined text, etc.  The best way to learn the various features is to try them out, and click on "preview" (see next paragraph).

5.) Before submitting your post, you may click on the "Preview Panes" to see what the post will look like (they can be found on the bar with the other editing tools).  When you're ready to submit your post, click "Submit".

6.) After your post has been submitted, you may still edit it at any time.  Just click "Edit" on the bottom right of your post, make the desired changes, and click "save" (with or without first previewing the modified post).

7.) If you wish to remove any of your posts, just click "Delete" on the bottom of your post.

8.) You can add emotion to your posts by inserting the various emoticons in appropriate places (e.g. smiley, wink, grin, etc.).  If you're not sure what an emoticon means, just hold your mouse pointer over the emoticon, and an explanation will appear on your screen.

9.) If you're replying to someone else's post, you may want to quote all or part of that person's post.  Doing so is very easy.  Just click "quote" at the bottom of the person's post.  A screen will appear with a quote of the person's post.  Feel free to delete from the quoted text until only the relevant portion remains.  Especially when quoting from another poster, it is recommended to preview your post before submitting it, to ensure that it’s clear who wrote what.

10.) To send a private message (PM) to another forum member, click on the user's profile and then on the little PM icon on the left. You can also use the link at the top of the page of the forum called "Private Messages". Just put the appropriate user name in the "To" line, write your message, and click "Send". You can add multiple members to your message using the "User List" drop down on the right.

11.) To report a post that appears to be inappropriate, click "Report to Moderator," and give a brief explanation as to why the post should be edited or removed.  Your report will be kept confidential.  Everyone's assistance is greatly appreciated, as it is difficult for the administrator and moderators to keep up with every post in real time.

12.) To add a "signature" that will appear after each of your posts, click the "Profile" tab on top, Signature, and then type in what you would like to appear (e.g. one or more phrases) in the Signature box.

13.) To change your displayed user name, there is no need to register again.  Just click on "profile" and “account related settings."  Near the top, it will say: "Name: This is the displayed name that people will see."  Next to that, it will let you change your user name to something else.  Although, technically speaking, this will not change your original user name, it will change the name that displays on the forum.  NOTE: The displayed name should only be changed for a good reason (e.g. one's chosen user name is very similar to that of another forum member), otherwise it just causes confusion for everyone.

14.) You can subscribe to threads that interest you. You will then get an e-mail each time someone posts there. You can see all the topics you are subscribed to in your profile.

15.) The "My Topics" tab on top will show you all the threads that you have posted in.

16.) The "My Replies" tab at the top of the page will show you all recent replies to any thread you have once posted in. Once you have read the new replies, the thread will be removed from the list.