Watching movies in today's world is altogether problematic for people with these kind of issues. The addiction can cause one to be super-sensitive to any kind of suggestive imagery, and one-time-addicts can often be turned on by simply watching the attractive looking people acting on the screen. Not to mention that even most kid's movies today are intentionally filled with suggestive imagery, romance and unhealthy ideas!

Therefore it is essential to be extra cautious. If one can stop watching movies altogether, they'd be a lot better off (at least cut down the movie watching to as little as possible). However, when watching movies to fill time and provide entertainment, it is vitally important to watch only kosher movies. Unfortunately, even the "kosher" non-Jewish movies today are often problematic, but some movies can still be found that aren't too bad. We will try to build up a list of kosher movies and documentaries on this page.

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