Thank you so much for reaching out. 

At GuardYourEyes we have various resources to support wives of strugglers and addicts.

Educational Lectures
We offer bi-monthly educational and inspirational lectures on recovery related topics on the first and third Monday of each month. The call is from 9-10 pm Eastern Time. The call includes 40 min of speaking and 20 min for Q&A. To join, please call (641) 715-3891. PIN: 670897

Weekly Support Group
There is also a weekly Thursday evening support group at 9:00pm Eastern Time. The meetings use a format based on the CRAFT approach. To join this group, please email:

Whatsapp Group
There is a whatsapp group for members of the Thursday night group that is geared to support each other with experience, strength and hope. To join this group, please email:

Other Resources
You can also find links to articles, questions and answers, and recommend books at

I do hope that you’ll take advantage of these resources. You have friends here who will welcome you and would love to be there to support you.

Feel free to call or text me at 917-886-7735 with any further questions you have.