Article by: Abe Weintraub

A big Talmid Chacham (in both the revealed and hidden Torah) living in Eretz Yisrael in his late sixties, has come upon really hard times. Until recently, he was supported by someone who had a sudden financial set back, and he is now left without means to pay for his small studio apartment's rent and is in real danger of becoming homeless.

He has just become eligible for some government support, but this will take about 7 months to kick in. Meanwhile, he needs help to pay the approx $860/month rent. He came alone to Israel and has no relatives who can help, and he is not presently working or able to do so. (He was a Magid Shiur for a while in an important yeshiva).

Please help us raise $6,000 just until his government benefits kick in.

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