This article below by Yaakov from GYE is a part of the book "Teshuva Through Recovery" by Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski.

Besides for Rabbi Twerski's special touch, the book includes also many enlightening articles from Dov, head moderator of GYE, who is sober in SA since 1997. Highly recommended to purchase the book here at

After reading this article someone wrote us the following e-mail:

I have just read your essay (The Secret to Happiness) in the new book by Rabbi Twerski, Teshuvah Through Recovery. This has changed my life. You have taken some of the most complex and stumbling questions faced by every Jew and organized it in straightforward essay. The levels and metaphors were concise, and relevant! This has truly changed my life and fired me up on how to look at EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE! I want to carry this with me wherever I go. This is why we do what we do, each and every day!

I have read dozens, if not hundreds of articles and Torah vorts over my Yiddishkeit... but, this one is different. This one is for me. This one is for many others as well :)

Would it be possible to get your permission to print this en masse to distribute in shuls around my area, as well as any other Jews in need? I really think this will change people's lives for those who need to hear it.