90 Day Chart - How it Works

We have created a special section on our forum here for members of the chart to keep a log of their journey.

If you haven't yet, Click here to sign up to the 90 Day Chart.

Updates are done by each user manually (as in the image below). 





If you do not update yourself for over a week, your name becomes RED.

If you do not update for two weeks, your name falls off the chart.
(Even if someone falls off the chart, their name remains in the database, so they can choose to go back on the chart by just clicking "I'm still clean")

To update the chart, choose "Still Clean".
If you had a fall, click "I had a fall" and choose the date of the fall and the new starting date. The days you have accumulated until now will be added to the "cumulative" count on your chart.

What constitutes a "Fall" to require restarting the count?
There are "slips" and there are "falls". "Slips" do not require restarting the count. "Falls" do require restarting.
A "Fall" is one of the following things:

  1. Intentional masturbation (with finish)
  2. Intentionally viewing improper sites
  3. Intentionally calling inappropriate telephone numbers
  4. Intentionally seeking out and reading erotica

In regard to number 2 (and 4), if someone saw something by mistake and then got a little bit carried away and kept looking at it, or even if someone saw a link and couldn't resist clicking on it but then catches themselves within a few seconds, that would only be considered a "slip", not a "fall". However, if someone decides to actively pursue viewing, that would be considered a fall.


90 Day Chart Levels

Level 1:
1 Day Clean

דרך המסילה

Level 2:
3 Days Clean

חזק חזק

Level 3:
7 Days Clean

הכובש את יצרו

Level 4:
14 Days Clean

עבד ה'

Level 5:
30 Days Clean

גבור כח עושה דברו

Level 6:
50 Days Clean

ירא שמים

Level 7:
70 Days Clean

אוהב ה'

Wall of Honor Levels

Level 8:
90 Days Clean


Level 9:
180 Days Clean

צדיק גמור

Level 10:
1 Year Clean

בעל תשובה