If you feel stuck and not sure how to proceed into recovery with the tools on our network, or if you're in the GYE 12 step phone conferences or live groups and would like to deepen and accelerate your recovery, a GYE coach could be the perfect solution for you. We also offer specialized coaching for wives of strugglers/addicts and for men suffering from Same Sex Attraction (SSA).

Our team of coaches have all been “there” and have become experts in helping people like you get to where you want to be. They will help you implement and internalize the tools and approaches that helped thousands of others. We highly recommend them.

duvid-chaim Duvid Chaim
GYE's in-house SA coach (for those suffering from lust addiction).
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US: 214-446-1819
Israel: 054-3180226
Email: duvidchaim@gmail.com
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Hagit Miriam
GYE's in-house S-Anon coach (for the wives of lust addicts)

US: 214-446-1828 
Israel: 054-646-3718
Email: miriamgye@gmail.com
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jonathan Jonathan
GYE's in-house SSA coach for those suffering from SSA (same sex attraction) and addiction.

US: 718-337-8310
Israel: 058-334-9156
Email: jhoffmancoaching@gmail.com