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We miss Dov - Please Daven for His Father
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TOPIC: We miss Dov - Please Daven for His Father 1726 Views

We miss Dov - Please Daven for His Father 18 Feb 2010 22:55 #54230

  • the.guard
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Dov's father is very sick and is in grave need of a refuah shelema. He is currently with his father in a different city and has asked if some of the GYE tzadikim can daven for him.

His name is Yosef ben Brayna.

Dov does not currently know when he will be back home and will be able to post next.

We love you Dov, may your father have a refuah Shleimah. Be strong!
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Re: We miss Dov - Please Daven for His Father 18 Feb 2010 23:27 #54251

  • 7yipol
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May HKBH send him a refuah sheleima b'karov u'b'kalut,
and may He give everyone involved the spiritual, emotional and physical strength for this nisayon.
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Re: We miss Dov - Please Daven for His Father 19 Feb 2010 05:18 #54308

  • Kedusha
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Dearest Dov,

May your father have a Refuah Sheleima, B'soch She'ar Cholei Yisrael.

Wish I could put into words how much I miss you! :'(
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Re: We miss Dov - Please Daven for His Father 19 Feb 2010 05:43 #54311

  • shemirateinayim
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Kol Hamispaleil ba'ad chaveiro Vehu tzarichleoso davar.... hu ne'eneh techilah!

You where davening for ********, and may your tefillos serve as the conduit to his refuah shelaima. and in doing so resipricate to your matzav.           

sorry gotta stay anonymous
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