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TOPIC: Please help us welcome the newcomers! 7365 Views

Re: Please help us welcome the newcomers! 14 Feb 2010 20:15 #53132

  • briut
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OK, A couple of ideas on making newbies feel welcomed.

I still consider myself a newbie, even though my frenzy of postings has now put me to 100 and out of newbie status.  (Help! How did I GET here?!) From that perspective, some thoughts/suggestions:

1) short-term: find a mentor to PM every 1st time poster and offer to sponsor him in understanding the site (for one week, maybe?) (Don't know if that's better from a senior macher or a newbie; I guess I'd have to volunteer if I'm going to make the suggestion; ouch).

2) longer-term: change the main page's "jump" to the forum pages, to become a simple & pretty intro page, using the template of the main home page.  This could give some general descriptions of the various areas with hyperlinks right into those sections; some first-person posts on what individuals found useful in the forum and why; and maybe even some bios of LT success stories.

3) very long term: more organization to the FAQs and other navigational tools, almost like a Microsoft Windows hyperlinked help index. (to help the feeling of 'what the heck is happening here and what is Woodford anyhow')

4) apropros of nothing, I'd be curious in reading the "stories" or bios of the folks I'm starting to meet here. I expect it's possible to find members' "stories" on the site but I've never learned where/how to go. Could you show me where the site offers that instruction, or could you at least tell me how to do it? 

Thanks. Just my two cents/shekels. - Briut
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Re: Please help us welcome the newcomers! 14 Feb 2010 20:59 #53146

  • shemirateinayim
great ideas!  Im mostly computer illiterate these days, but how could we make the welcome screen NOT come-up for every guest. I don't know about you, but I usualy clear the history of any mention of GYE. Lest anyone see what I do online, or used to do.    So every time I come-ontot he site, I won't have a cookie that shows it isn't my frist time, and I'll have to see the welcome screen. and whereas i anyway have to log in, it seems that we have a 3:1 ratio of guest to users, at any given time (mybe 2:1). So all those guests/regulars will have to deal with the intro screen.   
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Re: Please help us welcome the newcomers! 22 Mar 2010 20:23 #59278

  • jewinpain
hey guys even JIP whos no longer a nebie, gets confused on this thread, so did we come to a comclusion what we do with nebie's
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Re: Please help us welcome the newcomers! 12 May 2010 03:18 #64850

  • frumfiend
Why should the guard wait with his welcome package untill the guy posts? When the guard aproves his user name just send it in thte aproval Email. This will save double work.
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