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Day 45 - Half way to 90.

This is a great accomplishment, but I am not letting my guard down. 90 is a somewhat arbitrary number and I know how my YHworks. When I hit 90 my YH will say "great job! Let's celebrate!"

I feel myself slipping slightly more every day. Like I'm taking tiny steps towards the cliff. I am careful to guard my eyes, no porn, eyes down in public, but the YH is getting smarter. Still fighting.]]>
On the Way to 90-Days Wed, 16 Jan 2019 16:32:32 +0000
Subject: shiduchim - by: Son im about to start shiduchim and ive had two thoughts/questions which have been bothering me  (im going to try and formulate the question as well as i can)
1) should i tell the girl im dating that i had a problem with masturbation and  porn b/c honestly i doubt that she would understand and she would prob want to discus it with her parents etc
2) how is it fair to the girl that she has to marry someone like me with my bagage (in a case that she doesnt know, obviously if she knows then its her choice)
confused and looking for answers
thank you and have a great day]]>
On the Way to 90-Days Mon, 14 Jan 2019 14:38:32 +0000
Subject: Ready or not.....going clean - by: Snow On the Way to 90-Days Sun, 13 Jan 2019 08:44:23 +0000 Subject: I hope, I want, I will - by: Issac

Hi, I've been struggling for a while and just decided to commit to the 90 day challenge. I'm a little unsure of myself because i feel like I've tried to stop so many times. But, looking at so many guys here who have failed and then succeeded really got me to try this. 
 So the challenge is on!
I bl'n will commit to reporting here at least every other day briefly how it's going.
  Every one I've met has been so nice and supportive so far i hope to be able to return the favor:smiley:

On the Way to 90-Days Wed, 09 Jan 2019 04:00:41 +0000