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The Story Teller (New) Pls read intro.
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Getting out of Isolation and connecting with others is an important part of recovery. This board is for non-addiction related threads, where members exchange jokes, have fun - and drink Lechayim Together!
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TOPIC: The Story Teller (New) Pls read intro. 844 Views

Re: The Story Teller (New) Pls read intro. 07 Mar 2021 22:22 #364923

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Righteous Indignation 

Chapter Fourteen 

June 17, 2011; Brooklyn N.Y.

Chani stood there with her hand over her mouth, aghast. Her mind racing as furiously as her rapid heartbeat. She wasn't sure what to do. On the one hand this was the man she started to love, the man who started to make her feel loved and treasured. Yet, this was her friend Esther's husband! 

She definitely liked him, that wasn't the question. She had imagined herself with him many times, she even flirted with him, but now she wasn't sure. She shook her head forcefully, as if to clear it from her uncertainty. 

"Hi Moe," she said somewhat shyly. He looked back at her, a grin on his face. "C'mon, why don't you come into the car?" asked Moe. Chani hesitated for another moment, then reluctantly, she started to slowly walk around to the passenger side.

Chani opened the door, tentatively slipped into the seat, and closed the door with a soft thud. She made up her mind. This was the man who made her feel good, and she was going to continue having a satisfying relationship with him! The fact that it is her friends husband, won't take her away from the incredible high she got from this friendship. He made her feel the way she always hoped her husband would make her feel. Wanted, cherished, respected.

"Moe" stammered Chani, "I don't want this to go too fast. I want to take this relationship slow. I really like talking to you and I even, um, may love you", Chani turned a deep red hue when she said those words. She continued, " But for now I just want to talk. I really enjoy talking to you, you have so much to say and I feel like you really care about what I say. You have time for me. You make me feel important, and I want that to continue. 

Moe listened, his eyes glued to Chani's face. "Of course," he responded. "I also enjoy talking to you immensely. I'd love to keep doing that." 

They sat in the car, both pensive and deep in thought. Moe broke the silence. "Wanna go for a drive?" he asked. "Okay"  Chani replied with a smile. 

Moe swung the car into drive and headed back onto the highway.

                        *             *             *

Esther held the phone to her ear. She gave a sigh of relief when she heard her Morahs comforting voice spill over the phone lines. She felt herself calming down slightly. "Hi Morah, I saw I missed your call, I was talking to Moe" said Esther. "That's okay Esther, tell me what happened" inquired her beloved teacher. Esther started to recount what happened when she confronted her husband. She cried as she told it, and felt the pain and agonizing anguish all over again. 

Esther described Moe's reaction, and told her Morah that he blamed it on her. "Morah, I promise I tried my best. I was there for him! I just couldn't anymore. He made me feel so disgusting sometimes. He humiliated me and I hated it. I just couldn't do it anymore. Morah, I'm not a bad wife, right? I didn't really cause him to do this right? Are all the aveiros mine?" Esther was crying heavily again. "Why me Morah? Why do I deserve this?"

Morah Reisman took a deep breath and responded. "Esther, I spoke to my husband, the Rav. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with you. I promise. Come over to my house tonight, the Rav wants to speak to you. Everything will be okay Esther. This is a problem that your husband has to work on himself. It's not your fault. The Rav will know how to guide both of you, okay?" 

"Okay" responded Esther. She felt a weight lift off her chest. She felt like she was in strong and capable hands. She was going to speak to the Rav tonight. 

"Is 8:30 good for the Rav?" she asked Mrs. Riesman. "8:00 is a little better, is that good for you, my dear?" Answerd her teacher. "Yes, perfect. Thank you so much, I'll see you later. Bye morah." Esther hung up the phone and sat down heavily on the couch and burst into tears. 

Now she had to wait till 8:00. Alone. All alone.

To be continued...
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