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Great Shiruim To Help in These Struggles
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This is a board for all the important threads that we don't want to get lost among the others :-)

TOPIC: Great Shiruim To Help in These Struggles 9995 Views

Re: Great Shiruim To Help in These Struggles 18 May 2017 18:27 #313572

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I just want to bump up this thread.

I am very interested in a good shiur, unfortunately this current computer I am using is whitelisted so I can't send in anything on my own.

Please send something in if you have anything interesting.

Thank you.
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Re: Great Shiurim To Help in These Struggles 24 Dec 2018 04:45 #337996

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We have a new Maggid Shiur :-)

A unique and fun opportunity for the 8 weeks of Shovavim!

Get Together with Dov for a once-weekly 45-minute chaburah beginning Monday, December 24th (through Monday, February 11th) from 12:15 - 1pm EST.
Dial-in number (515) 739-1294
Access code 382530

Thanks EinShumYeeush for mentioning it on the chat.

See more Here
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Re: Great Shiruim To Help in These Struggles 25 Sep 2019 02:45 #343796

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Rabbi Shafier has an amazing series on Tayvah called The Fight. Download for free here:

Also, many people find Bitachon classes are very helpful in this struggle and in all areas of life. Sign up for an amazing 5-minute clip every day from Rabbi David Ashear here: It's life-changing!
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