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TOPIC: FEEL THE HUGS!!! 63086 Views

Re: FEEL THE HUGS!!! 05 Jun 2019 19:03 #341644

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my children are playing nicely today and not fighting.

Re: FEEL THE HUGS!!! 01 Jul 2019 17:40 #342039

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jerusalemsexaddict wrote on 21 Sep 2009 18:08:
Possibly flakiest thread in GYE's history.....

Listen,life is scary.
All of us have a lack of trust.
In the world.
In Hashem.
In ourselves.

That's why this thread is gonna change all that.
Hashem runs the world.
And we're in safe hands
I know what you're all saying....
"O man.Another bitachon shmuz!"


This is the HASHEM LOVES US corner!!
Here we will come each day and share or at least acknowledge one hug that Hashem gave us that day.
And when we all feel ready,we can move up to two.
And three.
And a million.
Could be big hugs.
Small hugs.
Fat hugs.
Thin hugs.
They're all good.
The point is to just spot it and feel it!!
This is a big step in our recovery chevra!!
Who's in?

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Re: FEEL THE HUGS!!! 24 Jan 2022 07:41 #376394

I love this thread! I would like to reignite it if I may...

After losing 4 karmas in 3 days, someone gave me a karma! Hug!

Davened shachris in shul today for the first time in a while and the shaliach tzibbur was a quick one. Hug!

I left my gloves in a taxi... I am sure it's a hug...

It's raining in Yerushalayim! Hug! 

Gotta run but more coming Iy"H!
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Re: FEEL THE HUGS!!! 28 Feb 2022 08:19 #377941

I promised to keep this going, I really want to.

I've been home without my wife a number of times lately and I struggle immensely. Thank you Hashem for three year old's who pry me out of the bathroom "I need to maaaaaaaaaaaakkke" this has saved me too many times for me to admit. 

Hashem is looking out for me!

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(עשה רצונו כרצונך (אבות,ב:ד

Feel free to email me  wilnevergiveupgye@gmail.com
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