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How I made it to 140 days clean
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If you've made progress - thank G-d, double your merit by inspiring others as well! Post the tips and advice that worked best for you in your journey to sobriety or tell us about recommendations you heard from others that work.
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TOPIC: How I made it to 140 days clean 3674 Views

Re: How I made it to 140 days clean 29 May 2022 15:21 #381327

  • Markz
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the.guard wrote on 29 May 2022 15:03:
Just login to guardyoureyes.com. It's a big banner on top of the homepage.

Where've you been? We announced it already Chanuka time to all our members! guardyoureyes.com/articles/featured/item/the-flight-to-freedom-program

(And I believe it is mobile-friendly). 

We can’t upload images to the forum (unlike 2-3 years ago) so I can’t share a screen shot of mobile view. 

Where have I been since Chanuka?
I heard about the program.

I’m very hesitant to new unproven programs. Do we have nice real time high success rates on the new  f2f?
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Re: How I made it to 140 days clean 29 May 2022 20:09 #381343

  • DavidT
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Markz wrote on 29 May 2022 14:03:

the.guard wrote on 29 May 2022 13:33:
GYE 1.0 was great, as you posted, but if you've relapsed there is a new hope on the horizon: GYE 2.0! app.guardyoureyes.com/

It's an entirely new program, based on the most cutting edge behavioral science and evidence based methods. If you take the program seriously and do the work, you are guaranteed to see wonders - be"h.

Now is the time. אל תקרי חרות על הלוחות אלא חירות על הלוחות. 

Sounds interesting. 
I tried to go to that link on my phone - it’s not mobile friendly so we can’t connect. 
Is this a new app, or new feature?

It is mobile friendly. See this image... 
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feel free to reach out @  ahavayirah@gmail.com
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