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For almost two weeks now I've been on GYE. and have been clean over a week B''H. I'm a newly observant Jew raised reform, spent quite a bit of time what you might call "hyper-reform" and have been working on stopping for before I returned to Judaism.
One of my main problems is that my Yetzer HaRa has developed new strategies, (or I have developed them in order to facilitate it, whichever is correct).

Basically I can take all of the steps to start watching schmutz, while denying I am doing so. This involves going into a private location with a computer to just "browse innocently" as I tell myself, disabling filters and such by pretending that I want to go onto the non-pornographic sections of sites that also contain pornography, and while I am undoubtedly doing the deed trying not too think too much.

Even though I've been clean for some time, I have been on a bit of a trip. But on Wednesday I come home and will have all of the opportunities and difficulties that I had earlier, so if anybody could give strategies for such a situation I would be greatly appreciative.

Anyway, hello to everyone on the forum and thanks for reading!]]>
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Subject: In need of chizuk - by: simpleJew66    When I was dating my now wife I cleaned up my act. A couple years into marriage, I had an occasional relapse, but did not get hooked. Eventually I realized that she should have the password for the filter.
A few more years into the marriage and we do not have a great relationship. Our bedroom is dead. I even considered leaving, with the kids and all we both still hope things will get to a better place. We did some marriage therapy. I found it helped a bit but it was a long and arduous with no clear indication of how long it would take to get us to a good place (if it even could).
     Which brings me to why I am here. The lack of sex became more and more difficult and I find myself looking at porn a few times a week. Yesterday I sunk so low that I used a bad webcam site, while also doing inappropriate things in front of the camera. I feel I betrayed her and hashem. I also made a request for a new filter on the internet. 

Any encouragement helps. Also, what would you recommend as a healthy outlet if I start to think about doing that stuff? ]]>
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Subject: again. I'm here - by: Iampowerless ]]> Introduce Yourself Tue, 09 Jul 2019 02:49:46 +0000 Subject: Once and for all - by: Onceandforall
I keep telling myself I’ll stop I’ll stop and I get new inspiration all the time and then I just fall again. I need help and I can’t do this alone. I finally had the guts to call Michael from PA to discuss and he said I’m a chronic user but it’s not an addiction per se. he suggested I use this forum. 

My my main issues/triggers are watching movies/tv and simply being bored. When I am bored it gets in my head and then I’ll fight it for anywhere from 10-40 minutes but I eventually cave. If I have a good filter I find a way- and sometimes it’s minimal what turns me on. 

I have decided to stop watching tv for 2 weeks to kickstart and we will see where that goes after. I have tried this before but it is always so hard because on my free time when I would usually watch something  I don’t know what to do. I am going to Workout at night to try and occupy. 

also, does anyone advise the Taphsic method? Ideas for that?

i secretly and truly think that HaShem has kept me single all these years because he wants to see me break this horrible yetzer hara before to see me overcome this. It’s just what I tell myself. I want to be free so bad and I really am willing to put in the effort and time- I just need help. I do feel very alone in this and am too embarrassed to talk about it with ppl that know me.]]>
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Subject: Back & Aiming For 30 Days - by: Confucius I am thankfully back after my initial posting here over two years ago.
Much failure in the discipline department since then:(
I am now dedicated to living a more spiritual, wholesome, and dare I say godly life!
How I will do that is the question. 
My first step is to spend time on here seeking inspiration and perhaps ideas.
I hope to post more soon.
30 days of control is the goal right now.
Buckle up!]]>
Introduce Yourself Mon, 08 Jul 2019 19:47:30 +0000
Subject: My Beginning - by: Inspired In my years of struggle, I have yet to reach out to a group. It's actually quite amazing to be a part of something bigger that myself. I think that will help me.
I told my Rav two days ago, when I started this new life, that I don't think I can do it. I don't believe in myself and a (big) part of me wants me to continue down the path of physical pleasure. But reading about others' experiences is a true chizuk.
I checked the calendar to see when my 90 days would be up and what I saw brought tears to my eyes. That's right, my 90 days of sobriety will be completed on the second day of Rosh Hashana. A new year! A new beginning! A new life!
I am still learning how GYE works and the layout of this website, but in just 24 hours since signing up someone reached out to me. PLEASE CONTINUE!!! It gives me chizuk to know that someone with the same struggles cares.
May we all be zoche with Hashem's help to reach our own personal Rosh Hashana.]]>
Introduce Yourself Fri, 05 Jul 2019 04:10:18 +0000