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I had been struggling with this problem for many many years. I have tried different things to try to overcome, but none have yet succeeded. I have told myself over and over again to just stop. My struggle and problem is with internet use. Perhaps I am not trying hard enough. Perhaps my path is incorrect. How do I get back to myself, back to Hashem, back to my family and be joyful like the Ish in Tehilim?

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Subject: Almost at 90, Need some help - by: AStrugglingJew
After I got into the high 30s, the desire really started to fade away, and it got easier and easier to not fall again. 

However, recently, my tayvas started coming back. I have zero tayva to actually fall and watch the real shmutz, because I know how much work I have put in and I just know that the pain is going to be so much more than whatever moment of pleasure I get. However, I do have tayva  to look at attractive women (online and in person) who are dresses, just not tznius, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with that and if anyone has any advice to stop giving into that desire.

And, second. Anyone have any insights when one can start dating. I feel mostly under control, only slightly scared that I will relapse, but how safe and secure should I feel. 

Thanks.  ]]>
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Subject: Elul -- A First - by: Piyut1 I had nowhere else to share this idea and hope so I am posting here so you. my newfound community can help support me, as we support each other. Thank you all so much!]]> Introduce Yourself Thu, 05 Sep 2019 14:51:26 +0000 Subject: Eish Emes intro - by: Eish Emes I just realized I’ve never wrote an introduction. I was somewhat active several  years ago and then took a long break. I’m at a strange place in life and I think it would be good for me to retrace my story and figure out how I got to where am now. Hopefully as I do that it will help me to see what I need to now to stay in the right direction. I’m going to write  small increments at a time. I have difficulty sometimes translating my thought to written word. I want to remind myself it does not have to be perfect, and grammar errors and typos are ok.

I’ll start before I was even born. My parents were not Frum. My mother had a medical condition in which she was told it was impossible to get pregnant. My mother really wanted a child. My parents kept going from doctor to doctor and everyone of them told them it’s impossible for my mother to get pregnant. My parents decided they won’t give up and kept looking for new doctors to try and hearing the same thing every time. Leaving out the details they eventually found a surgeon who developed a new procedure that can fixe my mother’s issue and would allow her to become pregnant . Sure enough she had the surgery and eventually got pregnant. When she gave birth she discovered the baby had a genetic condition and died soon after birth. Undeterred She eventually got pregnant a second time and gave birth to a healthy baby which was me. My parents did not get along and eventually got divorced. They did not win any awards for their parenting skills, but they taught me to always have hope and never give up. I’m here because of that middah and it’s something that has always been a part of who I am.

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Subject: Need Urgent Help - by: chaniel
observed that whenever I update my 60 day journey the battle will become very tough.

I had a not too challenging 30 days, after which I updated my profile to still clean..5 days later, I have fallen thrice, yesterday and today, heavily (making out with a girl). 

The only solution in my head now is to run away from my house, because she is my neighbor and I like her.

I am also very downcast and hope to have the strength to pray today.

Please can someone talk to me? This feeling of being filthy and unworthy of anything is so strong.]]>
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Subject: CompTIA Cloud Plus Engineers - by: Rohit118 CompTIA Cloud Plus engineer should have some experience with telecommunication systems and at least a two-year degree for telecommunication field technician jobs. Telecom field engineering is a very demanding job because they have to work long hours and have to show up as soon as they receive a call when they’re not on the job. A field engineer also needs to work in high-stress scenarios and repair the equipment till the service is restored.]]> Introduce Yourself Thu, 29 Aug 2019 16:08:26 +0000