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Slippery Slopes! Watch out!
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TOPIC: Slippery Slopes! Watch out! 3278 Views

Re: Slippery Slopes! Watch out! 07 Apr 2010 10:36 #60262


I must really be on the way to recovery! (opening up and telling my whoel story to someone I'm sure also least it feels like less of a weight on my shoulders)

but I cannot believe it - I understood Dov on teh first try!!!

this is REALLY exciting for me... maybe the dark lust cloud is finally (BE"H ) clearing...
PLeae G-d let it be so!!!

thanks for the response!
thanks for the uplifting insights!

thanks for being part of GYE!!!

wow - i really feel sooo much different!

Lets go find the Bard-ster and invite him in to join us for a L'chaim!
Woodford it is!


to recovery!!!

and Freedom!!!

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Re: Slippery Slopes! Watch out! 07 Apr 2010 16:05 #60295

  • briut
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This morning, I gave a teen a ride to shul. I joked that our zman cherusenu seems over and it's time to return to being an eved. An eved Hashem, of course.

He disagreed. His proof:  each yomtov season is not a circular cycle. It's a spiral. So we get to hold onto cherus even as we're counting toward matan toratenu.

May you keep your cycles spiraling upward to many long & healthy years. You're an inspriration.  - Briut
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Re: Slippery Slopes! Watch out! 14 Apr 2010 01:57 #61156

  • Chazak Amenu
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nice one Briut!
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