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Welcome me :)
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Welcome to our forum! Introduce yourself here (anonymously, of course) and get a warm welcome from the rest of the community!

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Re: Welcome me :) 10 Jul 2018 20:57 #333213

  • Jman356
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Also you should feel honored, that was my longest post on any thread ever. Including my own.

Re: Welcome me :) 13 Aug 2019 21:17 #342834

  • HakolMilimala
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Been over a a year since I added to this forum.
Definitely a year of growth... but chock full of challenges also, none bigger than these past few weeks.... 
I know perfection is not my goal, but it’s so hard to not judge myself by it.
I think deep down I might had to get rid of my smartphone, but practically I can’t fathom it.
I rarely have fun without hurting myself.
Ive wasted so many hours of my life, enslaved by my desires.
I’m a little bit of a lonely lost soul.
I seek companionship, and my friends the past few years just haven’t been perfect... ugh who needs perfect.... 
I’m lost....
Floating in a big ocean waving two hands above my head..
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