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How can we reconcile "chaviv Adam shnivra bTzelem" with what Rabbi Miller said "they (all the goyim and secular Jews) are all beheimos"? I love Rabbi Miller very much but this is sticking in my craw. Thank you.]]>
The Torah & Chizuk Approach Tue, 17 Sep 2019 14:51:08 +0000
Subject: HOW DO I FEEL??????!!!!!!!!!! - by: daledadar.3 And I know what is the right one, deep down inside
"For now  there is no dveikus..perhaps in your life there is sorrow 
"But do the right thing tonight, dear talmid.. Your yeshua IYH WILL come tomorrow
"It is best to stay put- stay status quo
"It is what is in your best interest"..or so I have been told
But alas.. addiction ..atraction ..intense loneliness..fear..
Whispers my fantasy "night time companion" :
"Come closer my dear!
I will make you feel wanted, guilt free,  and free of your "pursuit of perfection" "Jewish disease
You know sweety ..The lifestyle you tell me which brings you to your knees
She is a confidant strong beauty, warm, aggressive so very charming.. 
So right then I am distorted, of just who I am harming..
My Health. Heart and happiness. My body and soul
Because on this given night: Lust fulfillment, is my only goal
So the fire :SO very hot, burning so very bright 
Providing overpowering sensations, ecctatic delights
And all ties to Torah are severed, when I "jump in"
and let go
Such bone chilling sensations.How I love it so!
But alas all "good' things must come to an end..
And from my drug like joy ride, I abruptly decend
Alas. Intense torturous "burns" on the soles of my feet
Once more I swear: "No more to go through this intense fiery heat !
" Yes this is it self..NO more! This WILL be the very last time"
( A man  of stupidity who can find?")
So the burns are sheer torture! They cover my skin
Such "comfort" to know technically shichvat zerah livatalah is not a sin 
But I have not given up. I am still in this fight.. 
For my soul to know tranquility, and spiritual delights 
Ya know.. maybe way back, I would have known that sexual magic,say, by a campfire and under the light of the moon 
But I couldnt- wouldnt- or mustnt.. for I am an Orthodox Jew
So somewhere deep deep inside. I deny myself a Harlequin like romance
Please please HaKadosh Baruch Hu .. This year..could you give me just one more chance??? ]]>
The Torah & Chizuk Approach Mon, 16 Sep 2019 08:33:54 +0000
Subject: HaMelech HaKadosh - by: sleepy judges on our Kedusha!

  I think this is a point which should awaken us to make a preparation on whatever we can for Rosh Hashana, especially in inyanei kedusha , shmiras einayim ,learning about the importance of shmiras einayim or other things of kedusha, like reading the gye handbook,etc.And the main thing is never give up !Whatever you can do is very precious in the eyes of HAKADOSH Baruch Hu!And dont forget to pour out your heart in Tefila for kedusha."Hashem is close to all who call out to Him on matters of emes -spiritual accomplishments even though he is not worthy of them -Korov Hashem l'chol Kor'ov,LCHOL ASHER YIKRA'UHU BE'EMES! Hashem is close to all who call out to Him in truth"(sefer Hachasidim-a sefer written by the Rishonim) Harcheiv Picha Va'al'may'hu-open your mouth wide with requests of me , and i will fill it and grant your requests!
Hatzlacha and a ksiva v'chasima tova!]]>
The Torah & Chizuk Approach Thu, 05 Sep 2019 09:41:49 +0000
Subject: Dont be afraid to ask Hashem! - by: sleepy
Rabbi Eliezer was very poor.One day he fainted and saw Hashem . Rabbi Eliezer asked  Hashem,"why was I created so poor?"
Anawered Hashem," do you want me to recreate the world and youll be born under a better mazal?"
Said Rabbi Eliezer"no."
Hashem was happy with his response and  told him that He is rewarding him with 13 rivers of special oil.
Rabbi Eliezer said that he would like more ,to which Hashem said  that He cant give more since Rabbi Eliezer's friends  also deserved some.
To this Rabbi Eliezer said ,"You Hashem can give me a million and my friends a million , You Hashem can do anything!"
Hashem  was happy with this answer and patted Rabbi Eliezer.
Rabbi Shimshon Pincus ztl said Hashem only Patted Rabbi Eliezer but did not kiss him,why?Because when Hashem said that I'll have to recreate the world to give you wealth,Rabbi Eliezer should have said ,"Hashem You can do anything,even give me wealth without destroying the world!"
We see from this that one should never limit oneself from asking Hashem for anything , even complete purity  from tumah ! Harchaiv  Picha , v'alma'ayhu- Open your mouth wide with all the  requests that you want ,even things that look like mission impossible ,and I will fill it!]]>
The Torah & Chizuk Approach Wed, 04 Sep 2019 14:17:58 +0000
Subject: Make of a failure a blessing - by: David26fr
It’s one of my favourite stories, all the better for being true.
A young chemist had been working for some time at developing a new bonding agent, a glue. Eventually the work was complete. He tried it out. It didn’t stick. What’s the use of a glue that doesn’t stick? A failure. Time wasted. Effort spent in vain. Back to the laboratory to try again. So ninety-nine out of a hundred people would have concluded. The young chemist was the one in a hundred who thought differently.

    Instead of deciding that his work was a failure, he asked, “What if it’s a success? What if I’ve discovered a solution? The only thing left to do is to find the problem.” He refused to give up. He kept asking himself, What’s the use of a glue that doesn’t stick? Eventually he found it. It became a huge commercial success. I use it all the time. It’s used for notes you can attach and detach at will. That’s how the “Post-It Pad” was born.

    I think of that story every time I hear someone write off their own or other people’s efforts as a failure. That is not just negative thinking. It’s destructive – of confidence, morale, self-respect. More importantly, it’s not true, or at least, not the best way of seeing things.

Creation, by its very nature, involves taking risks – the experiment that fails, the attempt that doesn’t quite come off. Each is part of the process that leads to discovery. Each is a learning experience. Analysing why something fails is often one of the most instructive exercises we can undertake. Creativity without failure is like being lifted to the top of a mountain without the climb. It’s fun. But it isn’t an achievement. “According to the effort,” said the sages, “is the reward.”

    Nor are we, here, now, in a position to judge success. I think of Moses Maimonides, the great Jewish thinker of the Middle Ages. Late in life he wrote a book. It was, he tells us in one of his letters, written for a single disciple who had doubts about his faith. It took a long time. Maimonides was in those days a physician as well the leader of his community, and the hours were hard to find. Eventually he completed it and sent it to the young man. From his reply it’s clear that it didn’t work. Perhaps he didn’t understand it. At any rate it didn’t answer his questions. A failure in Maimonides’ lifetime. The name of the book? The Guide for the Perplexed, the greatest work of Jewish philosophy ever written.

    I think, too, of the first Moses. What would his obituary have been like, written by a contemporary? The evidence is there throughout the books that bear his name. When he intervened on behalf of his people, they complained. He hadn’t made things better; he’d made them worse. In Egypt, their burdens were made heavier. Leaving Egypt, they came up against the Red Sea. Crossing the sea, they found a desert. First there was no water. Then there was no food. Then the people complained there was no meat. Having given the Israelites the Ten Commandments they made a Golden Calf. Sending spies to prepare their entry into the land, they came back and said, it’s impossible. Every effort he made to form a free and holy people collapsed. Nor was he privileged to set foot in the land to which he had spent forty years travelling. Can a life of failures be a success? Sometimes it can be the greatest life there is.

As we journey through Elul and look back over our year, we must remind ourselves of an important lesson: you have to make a blessing over failures too.]]>
The Torah & Chizuk Approach Wed, 04 Sep 2019 07:50:28 +0000