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A Board for Yidden who are not as addicted, and for whom Torah/Chizuk/Chassidus can still help them stop.
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TOPIC: Tshuvah 141 Views

Tshuvah 01 Jul 2019 20:07 #342040

  • mahachatasa
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My therapist told me that because i was a real addictive i actually never sinned and therefor i don't need to do Tshuvah 
​Does anyone have any knowledge about this ?

Re: Tshuvah 01 Jul 2019 20:42 #342041

  • Markz
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Therapist should do Therapy and Rabbis should share the word of Gd.
Maybe your therapist is humble, but I know of one ‘helping’ someone in my family that has their own work to do...

Secondly, if we are working a recovery program, the idea mentioned is correct. look at the next (newer) post on the “recent posts” page.
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