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chizuk for shemiras enayim
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A Board for Yidden who are not as addicted, and for whom Torah/Chizuk/Chassidus can still help them stop.
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TOPIC: chizuk for shemiras enayim 3570 Views

chizuk for shemiras enayim 08 Aug 2014 06:18 #237034

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The pasuk says: velo sasuru acharei levavchem ve’acharei einechem. Rashi brings from chazal: the eyes are scouts for the body. The eyes see, then the heart desires, and the rest of the body gets dragged into it as well. This raises an obvious question: the pasuk says einechem only after having said levavchem. If the chazal that Rashi brings is truly the torah sheba’al peh counterpart to this pasuk; if the lesson of this pasuk is, in fact, that first the eyes see and then the heart desires, why is the order switched?
There are many answers given. The following is very close to pashut peshat, and brings an important point home.
The cycle goes as follows: A person is walking, and something provocotive catches the corner of his eye. Curious, his urge is to take a second glance, to turn his head, lift his eyes, and look. Says the torah: velo sasuru acharei levavchem ve’acharei einechem. We cannot control what leaks into the corner of our eye, or what pops into our direct line of vision. Aunoos, rachamana patreih. The ikkar is not to follow our heart and take a second look. Do you know why? Because the eyes are the scouts for the body. The eye sees, and the heart wants, and leads the rest of the body to sin.
That is why the order is reversed. The pasuk is telling us the prohibition - do not follow your heart to take that second look. The corresponding chazal is warning us of what we know only too well - if you take that second look, the eyes will effect the heart, and pull the body into sin.
I think this is important for any male member of our species, especially us. It is something I am working on myself, as I have come to understand that it is truly the cornerstone to our struggle. Training our self not to take the second glace… and feeling good about it.
Have a corny day ... and if you do have other plans, change 'em!!

None of us has it all together, but together, we have it all.

we always put our sobriety before our ego -
מוטב שאקרא שוטה כל ימי ואל אהיה רשע שעה אחת לפני המקום

לפעולות אדם בדבר שפתיך אני שמרתי אורחות פריץ. תמוך אשורי במעגלותיך בל נמוטו פעמי. תהלים יז

Re: chizuk for shemiras enayim 21 Nov 2017 15:56 #322682

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Maybe PA will awaken from his hibernation if I post on his thread?
Here's a nice story:

The son of an American Jew was approaching bar mitzvah age, and his father decided to bestow his son with a wonderful present. He told his son that before his bar mitzvah, they would travel together to Eretz Yisroel to the bais medrash of the senior posek, Rav Shmuel Wosner shlit”a, the Baal Shevet Halevi, in Bnei Brak. There, Rav Wosner would lay his tefillinfor the first time.

The man’s son was very excited about this opportunity and prepared for the trip. His father told him that Rav Wosner had told him to call him a few days before they left America in order to confirm the meeting. Meanwhile, the father purchased the airplane tickets.

A week before the flight, the father called Rav Wosner, and to his astonishment, Rav Wosner said to him, “I decided that it’s not worthwhile for you to travel to me to Bnei Brak.”

The shocked father said, “What happened all of a sudden? My son has been looking forward and preparing for the trip for a long time!”

Rav Wosner explained: “It’s true that there’s an inyan that the first time that a boy lays tefillin, it should be done by a rov, but have you thought how many unsavory sights the boy is bound to see on the long trip from America? Is it worth it?”

The father tried to explain to Rav Wosner that his son would be extremely disappointed if the trip was canceled, but all his explanations and pleading did not help. Rav Wosner said, “Nothing in the world is worth the damage incurred if your son sees forbidden things.”

The father then asked, “And what will I do with the two tickets that I bought for two thousand dollars?”

Rav Wosner answered, “Go buy a large frame, and put the two tickets inside it. On the top of the frame, write in clear letters, ‘We sacrificed these two tickets which cost two thousand dollars so that our dear son should not see forbidden things!'”

{Revach L’ Borchi Nafshi/ Newscenter}

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Re: chizuk for shemiras enayim 01 Jan 2018 17:22 #324528

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WOW!!!  I am speechless Thats a true gadol
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