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Stop Living in the PROBLEM and start living in THE SOLUTION. You can now take the 12 Steps of SA with the Back to Basics method on this board, exactly as they are being taken by frum members of one face-to-face SA group. Take a proven program with high success rates that is open to all, newcomer and old timer, whether you belong to a face-to-face 12 Step group or not. Check in with us for more information.
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Re: A Fresh Start 01 Feb 2022 22:21 #376752

clean830 wrote on 01 Feb 2022 17:58:

wilnevergiveup wrote on 01 Feb 2022 14:37:

Hakolhevel wrote on 01 Feb 2022 01:24:

wilnevergiveup wrote on 31 Jan 2022 05:53:
The F2F program is not contradictory to SA, they can be done together.  

I dont really see that, unless it's a non-addict who is enjoying ideas from SA, but not really doing the 12 step program, same visa versa. But they are very different programs.

What about the F2F program can an addict not do?

I am not saying that it will work instead of SA but what's in there that's a contradiction to SA? (Aside from declaring powerlessness)

On the contrary, many of the stuff are things that you will end up doing in SA anyways. It will not be enough for a real addict but I can't see how it would hurt, and I would think it can only benefit. 

No one said they are the same program, they are actually quite different but what's wrong with an addict hanging out on the F2F program to get a head start on his "step one"? 

I am not familiar with the F2F program so can't comment if it can be used in conjunction with attending meetings for SA; however, "admitting powerlesness" over your addiction is one of the absolute core principles and foundations of any 12 step program. If F2F does not work with an admission of powerlesness, and instead allows a person to use tools to "overcome" by himself his addiction, that is not "one area" in which they differ, that is completely not compatible with with 12 steps & SA. You cannot work a 12 step program without an admission of powerlesness.

F2F does have a greater overall emphasis on the internal power of individuals compared to the 12-steps. It's also written for a wide audience and doesn't include labels like "addicts". But overall the therapies upon which F2F is based are often used by professionals to treat addiction in conjunction with 12-step work. 
There's Life Beyond Addiction

Re: A Fresh Start 17 Jul 2022 22:31 #383481

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Hi I have also been struggling heavily and decided to start the gye f2f program please lmk if you would like to go through it together.
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