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Letter to totty
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A platform of recovery for Jews who find themselves struggling with addictions to pornography, masturbation or other sexual problems. Post anonymously about your struggles without fear of anyone finding out who you are. Ask questions, post answers and be inspired! Get tips and guidance from the experts who moderate this forum, as well as from fellow strugglers.
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TOPIC: Letter to totty 102 Views

Letter to totty 12 Jul 2021 17:23 #370748

  • dovidfg
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Dear totty
   Im lost. I grew up a good sweet innocent boy,removed from any shmutz and crziness. One day i was exposed by somenone and my entire sweet life came abrubtly to an end. I tried so hard countless times to stop, and you know about it. I tried this and that but i always came back to the screen. I was a living shell of myself hiding on the outside as a "top boy" but being crushed on the inside. Totty please im begging you i dont want to do these things any more. I just want to be an erliche yid, who does youre ratzon. I cant stand this darkness anymore its too much. Its drowning me alive. im married and its making my life worse as the days go by. And its not just me,but everyone on this site we all want to return we dont want it any more. But totty most of all we just want our tottys warm embrace. A fathers love for his child. Please dont turn us away were begging you. Totty totty hashiveinu hashem elacha. Totty Totty bring us back Give us life. Totty totty restore the purity of our soul and hearts were begging you youre our only hope...
                                      Your sons hoping to their father   

Re: Letter to totty 12 Jul 2021 17:59 #370750

Wow! Really heartfelt, I am crying. 

I relate to this so much in my physical father, I just want your embrace and unconditional love. 

as far as my Tatty in shamayim, B"H I know that I have both.
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Re: Letter to totty 12 Jul 2021 18:13 #370752

  • DavidT
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Letter from totty...

After the arrival of the Moshiach, I will slaughter the yetzer hara. The yetzer hara will appear before the tzaddikim as a mighty mountain, and they will cry and say, “How did we ever conquer such a mighty mountain?” And I will wonder along with the tzaddikim, as the posuk says (Zecharya 8:6): “So said Hashem, ‘As it will be wondrous in the eyes of the remnant of this people in those days, so too will it be wondrous in My eyes.’” I am amazed by the good you have accomplished in battling the “mighty mountain.” I approve of all the good you do and I am immensely proud of you!

I created all challenges, and I know exactly what goes on. I know that you want to do good, and I never look down on you or reject you. You must never forget that I love you despite your sins. No matter how badly you fall, I still care about you.  I never get angry with you, no matter how badly you sin.
"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?"
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