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He is looking For a Mentor
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Region North America
Contact preferences Chat
Correspondance Frequency Wants to be in touch on a daily basis
Languages English
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Age 36
Marital status Married
Background Yeshivish, Modern Orthodox
Children 4
Religious from birth No, only 12 year(s)
Additional info I tried to stop many times and was unsuccesful staying stopped
Story 1 child from 1st marriage, remarried this past summer to a woman with 3 kids. I was upfront with her about masturbating and looking at porn and she made me promise to stop the porn. I made that promise and kept it for a while, though I kept masturbating and over the past 7 mos I gradually began viewing increasingly graphic material. On monday I used an ipad for viewing porn and she found a still pic saved in the camera roll. Though I honestly had (and have) no idea how it came to be there when she later asked me if it could have been from me, I answered yes. So the past week has been intense and emotional and although she was/is incredibly hurt she has already forgiven me and we are both engaging tools to help me regain her trust and our emotional connection as well as permanently fix my lack of discipline with my desire and porn. Even before my tshuva I tried to quit masturbating and viewing porn with success only for brief periods of time. Since becoming frum I have tried a couple of times with, again, brief periods of success ranging from weeks to months. So at the moment I'm just getting aquainted with GYE and the options and tools out there. I put in a request for help with filters and am exploring the forum. I have yet to dive into the tools, principles or TaPhSiC method. I'd love a mentor/partner who isn't super yeshivish or new york-y, I'm a real out of the box, out of town ba'al teshuva. Someone a bit intellectual with emotional intelligence and a spiritual streak would be great. No biggie, right?

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