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Nigun-netzach's Profile

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He is looking To be a mentor
  Contact Info   
Region Israel
Contact preferences Email, Whatsapp
Correspondance Frequency Wants to be in touch on a daily basis
Languages English, Hebrew
  Personal Info  
Age 24
Marital status Single
Background Yeshivish
Children -
Religious from birth Yes
Additional info I tried to stop many times and was unsuccesful staying stopped
Approach to recovery I work Step Zero from the White Book to get sober, plus immediately adopting a morning & evening routine (phone calls, read from literature, pray on knees). My sponsor works the steps right out of the Big Book, so I do that.
Story I've been obsessed with sex since early childhood. Compulsive pro use from age 12 and on. Frequent 8-hour/all night binges. Struggled with same sex attraction as a teenager. Develop sexual obsessions with a wide variety of people. Came to SA at age 21, worked the program, got sober for almost 10 months. Went on a 1 ½ year binge. Now working the program again, sober 3 months. trying to pass on the message of recovery. If you want to work a solid program of recovery, I'd be glad to talk to you.

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