Tuesday, 07 April 2015

9 Tips for Recovery

by Jack (See all authors)

After 3 1/2 years in 'the struggle', here are a few thoughts:

1. There are no chidushim - as the mesilas yesharim writes, we already know most of the things we need to know, it's a matter of reviewing them and putting them into practice.

2. Be patient with yourself - these things take time. But at the same time,

Don't fool yourself - you know if you're progressing or not.

3. In the beginning stages of recovery THERE ARE NO REASONS THAT WORK, abstain for the simple reason that someone who you trust TOLD you to abstain, ZEHU.

4. 90 days is a very good way to start - it'll teach you things you'll need later on. Stay on the roller coaster and fasten your seat belts - it's a rough ride.

5. The only way that you will actually know and realize that something is disgusting, is by staying away from it. No intelligence in the entire world can convince you it's disgusting unless you stay away from it. Similarly, if you stay away from learning Torah and doing mitzvos, THEY will become disgusting in your eyes (R''L).

6. Throw out all Hollywood movies in the house - they are poison to an addict.

7. These things may take years to accomplish - have patience withyourself. Aslong as you are moving in a forward direction, you'reok. Itdoesn't matter if it's taking a long time. Of course, if you can, faster is better.

8. At the end of the day, after the SA meetings and the phone calls with the sponsors, you will be alone. The bottom line is, yes, surrender to what other people you trust have told you to do, but when you are alone, brute force is needed as well. Are these 2 ideas contradictory? Surrender vs. brute force? Maybe. But they're both needed, in my humble opinion.

9. Learn to live with discomfort, it won't REALLY kill you, even though it will FEEL like it's killing you. A real human being always has a little discomfort - in staying away from what comes natural to him, but is really bad for him.

Hatzlacha to us!