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Wake up, my children!
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A Corona For The King


How can we make Hashem our King NOW, before He reveals Himself to the whole world?

Download this video and pass it on to increase Hashem's honor in the world!

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Wake up, my children! By Yaakov from GYE

My dear brothers and sisters, it is not our way on GuardYourEyes to post these kind of images nor to write these kind of articles. But I feel that perhaps there is no choice due to the extenuating circumstances we all find ourselves in.

I recently came across this frightening recording from Arutz-7 from someone who is sick with the Coronavirus. I encourage everyone to listen to it even though it's difficult, because Hashem is calling out to us to WAKE UP.

The Torah makes it clear that we can either be slaves to Pharaoh in Mitzrayim or we can be servants to the Almighty. The question is asked, how did Pharaoh get the Jews to start working for him? After all, until the slavery began, the Jews had enjoyed a royal status in Egypt due to Yosef's high postion (and his having saved the country from famine). Our Sages explain that Pharaoh first tempted the Yidden to work for him with money. He even joined them in the work at first to show how much he valued their contribution. Slowly but surely, they got pulled in to becoming full fledged slaves, beaten and forced to work without pay under the harshest conditions.

The Yetzer Hara is the same. He temps us with pleasures at first, but in the end we become his slaves and life becomes so bitter. In contrast, the ways of the Torah may feel bitter in the beginning as we struggle to leave Mitzrayim. But serving the Almighty turns out to be so sweet! As the pasuk says (Tehilim 34:9), "Taste and see how good is Hashem, happy is the man who trusts in Him". Why does it say "Taste and see" as opposed to just saying "Hashem is good"? Because we are like children who don't yet know the pleasure of food and we spit it out at first. But Hashem is like a parent cajoling us, "Taste my child, and you will see how sweet it is!"

In the end we we will all have to come to the realization that we can either be slaves to Pharaoh in pain and bitterness, or servants of Hashem. As the pasuk says (Devarim 28:47): "Because you did not serve Hashem your G-d with joy and a good heart from all good, you shall serve your enemies in hunger, thirst and want".

Hashem loves us too much to just sit back and let us be slaves to Pharaoh forever. He is "REBOOTING" all of mankind now in preparation of the ultimate redemption. As Pesach draws near, we are being brought to our knees and must decide who we want to serve. Will we finally accept the initial discomfort of the Yoke of Heaven (and yes, it truly does feel bitter at first to turn away from the Yetzer Hara's fake seductions) or will we continue to serve Pharaoh and suffer needless pain?

Today is Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the month of our redemption. The word "Chodesh" means RENEWAL. Let us finally leave Mitzrayim behind us and follow Hashem into the desert to receive His precious Torah!

Let us finally choose LIFE, before its too late.

Dealing with Anxiety and Stress


Dr. Ely Weinschneider

Helping families deal with anxiety and stress related to the Coronavirus



A Winning Attitude

Corona Stress By Yaakov from GYE


I need to air out and relax from work, family, etc. How can I deal with stress? I'm looking for healthy ideas and (non-addictive) outlets...


In general, the best way to deal with stress is to ask ourselves at every given moment "What would Hashem want me to be doing now?" In other words, don't think about what you would prefer to be doing, or what you were in middle of doing (and got interrupted), but let go of the illusion that we're in control and ask only "What would Hashem want me to do at this very moment?" Once we have that clarity, we can just do it calmly and happily. We must realize that everything in both the past and in future, is not in our hands at all. We can only serve Hashem in the present moment. Not even in 2 minutes from now. Only this very moment.

Here's another idea... Try going to sleep early and getting up when everyone is still asleep. Make a coffee and just sit down and talk to Hashem for a while, take a Gemara and learn for 20 minutes, then a few halachos... then daven shacharis and have breakfast. By the time the kids are up and about you'll feel you already got a bunch accomplished!

We all feel that Moshiach is about to come. Hashem is giving us this final test now to see who we REALLY are... The fact we all need to be in isolation is a blessing as well. "Hitbodedut" is practiced by many Chassidim who want to get close to Hashem... Hitbodedut means ISOLATION. Try going somewhere alone with Hashem and just talk to Him. Share with Him everything! He understands us far better than we understand ourselves and loves us way more than we can ever imagine!

Tip: Don't let the Corona matzav stop you from learning with a chavrusah! Check out:

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