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Motivation+Battle Plan=90 days
By GYE Member

I am finally at 90 days for the first time!

What was different about this time vs. all my previous attempts? My motivation, strategy, and mindset were the game changer. I changed my mindset to viewing this as an actual battle. No general goes to war without a plan. For this reason, I began with writing real battle plans on paper for those times I would be in the bathroom for a longer period of time. The plans mostly involved keeping my mind occupied while in the bathroom (for example, mental math), and making checkpoint voice recordings (like checkpoint #1 "on the way to victory" to inspire myself). The basic idea is seeing where I may fall and doing something about it. After a while, I B"H got stronger, not necessarily having to go to the same extent of fighting. I soon learned how to distract myself on-the-go, and moved on from there.

For strategy, I needed to stay involved every day. Not just involved, but active. For this reason, I wrote a blog of every day of this journey, made 2 WhatsApp groups, tried helping other people along the way, and opened up more.

For motivation, I just really wanted to win. I was sick of losing. I was shocked that I had fallen the last time, and told myself and G-d that I was done. This has been a goal for way too long, and I don't care if the battle gets hard, I will win! I'll plan ahead, write battle plans, and will win this once and for all!

Thank G-d, that came out to be true so far! Motivation can actually take you really far! I really hope to continue this amazing progress, going from milestone to milestone, and have an opportunity to successfully help other people in this area.


This week begins the six week period known as Shovavim. Shovavim is an acronym for the six weekly Torah portions Shemot, Vaera, Bo, Beshelah, Yitro and Mishpatim. The word Shovavim alludes to the Pasuk in Yirmiya (3:14), "Shuvu Banim Shovavim" - "return oh wayward children"... The Arizal taught that these weeks are especially auspicious for doing Teshuvah in the area of Shmiras Habris.

The six weekly Parshiyos of Shovavim deal with the slavery of the Jewish people in Mitzrayim and their subsequent redemption, all the way through the giving of the Torah on Har Sinai. The struggle for moral purity often follows the same theme, where a person often feels trapped and enslaved to their animalistic desires. Through Teshuvah and divine intervention, one can succeed to break free of the bondage to these destructive behaviors and become a servant of G-d.

The weeks where we read about the Jewish people's journey from slavery to divine servitude, are especially auspicious for own personal journeys from slavery - to becoming men of G-d.

(See here for more information on Shovavim).

Dov's Shovavim Chabura (Derech Emes) - #1
Like a Camel
By Hashem Help Me

The Gemara in Brochos, perek 9, says, "One who sees a gamal (camel) in a dream should know that it was decreed he should die, but he was saved from the decree." It brings from this week's parsha Va'Yigash perek 46 possuk 4, "Hashem tells Yaakov: 'I will go down with you to Mitzrayim and I will also come back up with you.'" The lashon kadosh words used for "also come back up" are "gam aloh" which is similar to "gamal." What exactly is the limud and does this possuk about Yaakov have any deeper connection with a gamal other than some similar letters?

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