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  Breaking Free Chizuk #1936  
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Editor’s Note: Shovavim Resources
Torah: Return, wayward children!
Announcements: SHOVAVIM Chabura with Dov
Torah: Source for Sexual Addictions from R' Tzadok
Chizuk: SHOVAVIM Workshop
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Q & A: Sources for Shmiras Ainayim and a Woman's Responsibility
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Editor’s Note
Shovavim Resources

Dear GYE family,

as the important and auspicious days of Shovavim are coming uopn us, we give you a shmorgasboard of wonderful resources: Dov's live weekly phone conference, Rabbi Tanenbaum's workshop recordings, and more. Please use this email as a guide as you explore Shovavim during these several weeks.

Best wishes for continued recovery,


Return, wayward children!

We are now in the period known as Shovavim, which is a unique and auspicious time to do Teshuvah. The word Shovavim alludes to the verse "Shuvu Banim Shovavim" which means "Return, wayward children!". The word Shovavim is made up of the first letters of the weekly portions, in which we read about the Jewish people breaking free of the bondage of Mitzrayim. The exodus is mentioned no less than 50 times in the Torah, and we are exhorted again and again by G-d to remember the day we left Eygpt. This is because the saga of our exodus from Eygpt is not just an historical antidote. Every one of us has a person bondage. Our entire life's work is to break free from this bondage and for each and every one of us to experience our own personal exodus.

There is so much to learn from the story of the exodus. It reflects the exact nature of the strong grip that the evil one has on us, and how only with miracles can we truly become free. We hope to eventually explore a bit, some of the parallels between the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt and our own personal struggles with "Mitzrayim", which comes from the word "Meitzar", meaning "distress" and "oppression", and which is also related to the word "Yetzer" meaning "instinct, impulse and urge" - which is the very nature of the the "Yetzer" Hara.

SHOVAVIM Chabura with Dov

A unique and fun opportunity for the 8 weeks of Shovavim!

Get Together with Dov for a once-weekly 45-minute chaburah beginning Monday, December 24th (through Monday, February 11th) from 12:15 - 1pm EST.

Dial-in number (515) 739-1294

Access code 382530

Topic: "Derech Emes"

A classic chassidic work written by the author of "Yosher Divrei Emes" (a talmid of the Magid of Mezritch), this sefer focuses on freedom from lust desires.

We suggest purchasing the new edition of this sefer that came out 2 years ago (with good footnotes). If you don't get a chance to buy it, the part we will be using for the shiur can be downloaded as a PDF here (for the full sefer click here).

Dov has been sober in SA recovery for over 20 years and will be sharing his understanding and appreciation of the 8 short chapters of this powerful sefer through the lens of his own experience in recovery.

Note: Unlike the 'Dov's Desperados' call (which is never recorded), this series will be recorded.

The actual text of the sefer will be read and translated during the shiurim. The first shiur will also include an overview of Shovavim based on the ShaLo"H... So bring seat-belts.

Dov sums up the idea behind this series:

"All the truth is in the Torah - and the tzadikim knew where to find it. But we addicts just couldn't get it from a sefer. We need an approach similar to 'Torah Shebal Peh' - a group of other recovering people who are actually putting these ideas into action in their own lives. As chaza"l say: "gedola shimusha yoser milimuda". Later, we often discover those same truths again in seforim which were waiting for us all along. This sefer is a perfect example of this and turns some common conceptions in avodas Hashem on their heads. It's not just another philosophical sefer that speaks only to the mind; Derech Emess shows us how to surrender desire in a realistic way and speaks to the heart. It bravely and squarely addresses inner motives, strengths and weaknesses in a positive way. "

To listen to recordings of previous shiurim (MP3), click here.

To hear the recordings of previous shiurim by phone, dial:

  • U.S: 515-739-1388
  • Israel: 055-966-1154
  • UK: 330 390 2123

Access code: 382530#

Reference No: 60#, 61# and so on...

Source for Sexual Addictions from R' Tzadok
By Zohar

R Tzadok in his sefer Pri tzedek, Vayechi, 4. We say every shabbos, in pesukai desimra "hodu Lashem....Ki leolam chasdo". Within that kepitel of tehilim we say "leosei niflaot...", and subsequently go-on to mention brias haolam and yetzias mitzrayim, and finally kriyat yam suf. The question begs to be asked, how are these 3 an expression of "Leosei Niflaos"? I'll leave you to guess about brias haolam. But yetzias mitzrayim was a "peleh" of a geulah. In-that all other geolas, still left of with a stain of their respective gauls. As the gemara (megilah 14a) says, "we are still subjugated to achashveirosh", in that what his galus repsented still scars klal Yisrael today. However when we left mitzrayim, hashem said "Lo Tosifu lirotam oid", not just their physical decaying bodies, but everything they represented and embodied. And not only will we not see it in them, but we will not see it in ourselves, in our actions, and natural inclinations. This great rebirth happened at Kriyas Yam Suf, ad it was only at that great moment that we became freed. As we say every day in davening "Shira Chadasha shibchu geulim ... and when... Al Sfat hayam!"

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By Rabbi Avi Tenenbaum CAC, MA CASAC grad.

Avi Tennenbaum's 7 Week Workshop on SHOVAVIM and INTERNET ADDICTION is available for FREE download (335 MB).

Download Here

Learn many valuable tools on how to deal with the addiction and nisyonos in this important series.

Straight Talk about Kedusha

An audion shiur by Rav Aharon Lopian

Q & A

The question I received was: Is there a source for Shmiras HaAynayim (a man’s requirement to “guard” his eyes)?

Sources for Shmiras Ainayim and a Woman's Responsibility
Is there a source for Shmiras HaAynayim?
By Rosenstein, Rabbi Moshe

I received a question recently from a student regarding a class I had taught a few years ago. Because it is a topic that affects every one of us, I figured I would expand the answer I sent in reply and, since for many it certainly falls into the category of “I didn’t know that!” Halachos, I thought I would share the thoughts with all of you. In addition, these weeks of Shovavim [the weeks of the parshiyos beginning with Parshas Shemos (the “Sh” of Shovavim) and continuing through Va’Eira, Bo, Bishalach, Yisro, and Mishpatim – the Roshei Teivos spell “Shovavim”] are traditionally a time that Klal Yisroel uses specifically to focus on our growth and sensitivities in areas having to do with tznius and male/female interactions in general.

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