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The Truth About Female Porn Addiction From a Recovered Addict
That's how G-d made me
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Hashem Loves Us Even In Our Craziness

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The Truth About Female Porn Addiction From a Recovered Addict By GYE

When I tell people that I’m a recovered female porn addict, the typical response is surprise. I can’t blame them. Not only is talking about porn considered culturally taboo, but most of the narratives around the topic have focused on men. I’m usually the first woman people have met to reveal this, even though U.K. sex therapist Paula Hall noted in a 2012 study of sex addiction that she found 25 percent of addicts were women and 74 percent of those women were heavy porn users. Though I don’t usually confess this detail about my past when first meeting someone, as a writer and researcher who has spent years advocating for an accurate representation of female porn addiction in the public space, it tends to come up.

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That's how G-d made me By GYE

Some people claim, "Hey, that's how G-d made me, so it's his business". If that's the case though, what are we here for in this world? Can we also say that murderers, pedophiles and rapists are that way by nature too and so it's G-d's problem?

We are here in this world to play a game called "LIFE". And the way we get points and proceed to the next level is by fighting the inherent bad inside us. The Pasuk says "Ki Yetzer Lev Ha'adam Ra Mi'ne'urav" (the inclinations of man are bad from his youth).

So others will say that only evil which hurts others needs to be worked on. But think about it, what really is the difference? If we believe that G-d wrote the Torah, and we believe in our sages words, then we also believe that every time we gaze at things we shouldn't and spill our seed etc, we are destroying G-d's world! So then, this too is destructive and we must work on it, even if it is against our nature. G-d created us, so he understands out nature. But he gave us guidelines to curb our natural destructive tendencies, and when we follow these guidelines we are building the world. And when we don't, we are destroying the world.


Daily Dose of Dov

Hashem Loves Us Even In Our Craziness By GYE Corp.

I got a good deal of passion to serve Hashem once I was convinced that He isn't disgusted with me at all. Think about it... If a rebbi, teacher, parent, sister, wife, store clerk, whoever... have this look of near-puking whenever you see them looking at you, would you be able to summon up the resolve to give them your all? Or to deal with them with 'passion'? I doubt it.

If deep inside I really believe that He "knows" that I am a dang loser, the passion ain't happening. (Same goes for my wife in the relationship... k'mayim ponim el panim., etc...) Once I came to believe that Hashem truly loved me with a passion, even in the midst of my insanity, I was able to begin to serve Hashem with love and passion as well.

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