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  Breaking Free Chizuk #1929  
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Editor’s Note: Chanuka shines on!
Prevention: Be Internet Awesome - For Kids
Torah: Recovery that lasts like oil
Torah: Candles and Couples
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Editor’s Note
Chanuka shines on!

From our readers:

"The Arizal says on Shalosh Regalim we lift ourselves up to Hashem. However on Chanuka, Hashem comes down to each yid - in whatever matzav. And even if it's l'mata mei'asara tfochim, He is mayeer (shines His light). At times we feel like we are in the sewer; how can we get close to Hashem? Chanuka is an opportunity to invite Hashem to us. Of course l'chatchila we should make our home a place the Shechina feels comfortable. But no matter what the matzav is, when we kindle the menora, Hashem comes to our home, even if its dark and unclean. Once He is here He brightens our home with His Ohr. Maybe thats why children are excited on Chanuka; in their pure innocence they sense His presence. Lets utilize this zchus to be uplifted. When by the menorah, realize that the extraordinary is happening. Like a child, feel Hashem's presence and allow your eyes to be cleansed and purified with His light."

-By Hashem Help Me

In response to our post in the name of the Slonimer Rebbe ZT"L that a woman who was exposed to inappropriate or immodest images or sights in her life should gaze at the flames of the chanukia because they can erase these images from her memory completely, a reader writes:

"Wow......what a beautiful thought.

As a woman I always felt a little misunderstood in this area.......I mean, well men have a יצר הרע in this area ....... everyone knows it......so it's natural that they should struggle with שמירת עיניים and the like, but as a woman I often felt just very low to be struggling with inappropriate images, fantasies and worse.

Not only on GYE have you helped hundreds of people to cleanse themselves from all the schmutz, but now you have provided us with a very real tool to be able to finally let go of the images which still continue to haunt us often on a daily basis......and to continue to connect with the רבש"ע in such a special way.

With much appreciation as always to the wonderful crew at GYE who are G-d's true emmisaries in the fight against טומאה and may we all be זוכה to our own personal ישועות in our battle for טהרה in שמירת עיניים.....just as the אידן were זוכה to win their own battles during the time of the Chasmonoim in their fight against the Greeks and the טומאה, when ultimately they emerged victorious.

With thanks from a simple struggling woman."


Be Internet Awesome - For Kids
By pornproofkids.com

As adults, we often take for granted the things we learned along the way – like never click on an email from someone you don’t know. We forget that we need to proactively teach our kids things we may have learned the hard way (like being very careful about what you type into a search engine).

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Recovery that lasts like oil
By Yosef10
By GYE Member

The Greeks wanted to get rid of the Jews. They did not hate us, they just wanted to steal our spirituality, which would lead us to leave Hashem.

It's an untold part of the Chanuka story that at the time when the Greeks began to attack Judaism, the Beis Hamikadash was being neglected. Jews took their success for granted. Only then did the Greeks begin to attack our religion. We all know the stories about how Jews were moiser nefesh and used the dreidel games to conceal their Torah studies and practices, but many Jews did leave the Jewish lifestyle and were assimilating.

We all know that Hashem promised that the Jewish nation will never cease to exist. So what had to happen, WE HAD TO GET SLAPPED. We needed to be reminded that we are the holy Jewish nation, and we will not be defeated, even at our own hand. The Maccabees picked up on this and fought back with all their might. Their mission was successful, despite their being outnumbered. Even after this, we still needed a miracle to keep our spirituality going, we needed pure oil. And guess what was found after a long, tiring search - a jug of pure oil. And this oil - it lasted 8 days, way longer than it would have without the struggle!

Sorry for that long-winded overview, but so many lessons can be taken from this.

With all of our struggles, sometimes we have to realize that maybe we are lacking in faith in Hashem. This may lead us to veer off the path to recovery and to give up. We decide to "have some fun," and to take a break from fighting. We give in. So what we need at this moment is a SLAP of guilt to be put back on track. We must not be brought down by that slap, we have to use it as motivation to not only keep fighting but to fight like we never have before. We have to trick our subconscious and "play some dreidel." And even though the odds are stacked against us, especially when it seems like there is no hope, we keep fighting and get stronger. This is when Hashem steps in. We will beat the odds. But just because we won the battle, doesn't mean we won the war. We still have to strive for progress and look to better ourselves as people. We must grow from this experience. Once again Hashem will step in, and this will bring us even closer than we ever have been. This will stay with us forever because we worked for it, way longer than it would have without our struggle.

Happy Chanuka, your fellow Maccabee, Yosef10

Candles and Couples
By GYE Member

"הנרות הללו קודש הם ואין לנו רשות להשתמש בהם"

"Chanukah candles are holy and we have no permission to use them, rather only to see them." - And for how long? Half an hour from the start. After the half-hour, they are allowed to be used. In marriage, when a person returns home after a long day away from home, it must be known that in the first half an hour that we meet, we must not use each other.

"But to see them only" - just to see each other, enjoy that he/she came home. A lot of people think before they get married, "Soon I will have someone to take care of me, to give me what I need" or "soon I'll have someone to give me what I am missing." But everyone must know that "these candles are holy and we do not have permission to use them," the couple is holy and should not be used.

What are we doing today?- lighting Chanukah candles and... next to the candles. Take a moment to see each other. Look at each other for thirty seconds.

Tell one another about the special light that it brings to your life.

"נר איש וביתו"

- The circle can be expanded to other family members in the light of the candles. During dinner, where each tells the other person near to you "the light that you bring in to our family / the world is ... "

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