Pleasure like no other
  Breaking Free Chizuk #1871  
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Torah: Astray after your hearts and eyes
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Daily Dose of Dov: Pleasure Like No Other
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Astray after your hearts and eyes

"You shall not go astray after your hearts and after your eyes" (Numbers 15:39) "After your hearts"- this refers to atheism, "After your eyes: this refers to sexual immorality (Berachot 12b). There are desires that are very difficult to control unless one has been taught from childhood, like for example, refraining from looking at women. Therefore, must a man teach and educate his sons on the right path so when they grow old they will not abandon it (Sefer Chassidim 10)

The main enjoyment in the World to Come is through the eyes of the soul (Tzadikkim sit with their crowns on their heads and contemplate the brilliance of the Shechina). But whoever damages his eyes in this world damages thereby the eyes of his soul (Od Yoseph Chai, Vaetchanan)


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Daily Dose of Dov
Pleasure Like No Other
By Dov

To me - just for me - looking for s'char (divine reward) in sobriety is just a distraction from being happy to just be a yid with my Best Friend right here, right now. I love saying a few times in the earliest morning with my eyelids still upside down, "I'm for You... help me be for You... help me want to be for You today." It's a pleasure like no other just to really mean that. And as far as the s'char is concerned, Ilu hotzianu me-addiction v'lo nosan lanu v'lo anything else - Dayenu!

Ani Ledodi v'Dodi li... "Dodi" is for me, even when I am not for Him! It's gotta be that way, otherwise how could anybody ever get sober in the first place? It's amazing, no?

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