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Chizuk: You can't have it both ways
Video of the Day: Insights into Addiction Recovery
Prevention: Unfiltered Internet Device?!
Daily Dose of Dov: Obsessions of the Mind
Announcements: Recording of Duvid Chaim's Call - Rabbi Shafier
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You can't have it both ways
By Todros
By GYE Member

Lately, I've been trying to train myself to react to any trial by asking a simple question, "Which is more important to me, Olam Hazeh or Olam Haba?” The answer, obviously, is the latter. This goes back to a Moshol I saw many years ago in the Chovos HaLevavos, comparing the relationship between Olam Hazeh and Olam Haba to a man with two wives: The more he makes one of them happy, the more he upsets the other one.

That's just the way it is.

Video of the Day


Insights into Addiction Recovery
Unfiltered Internet Device?!

QUESTION: I just came home from summer camp, and I found out my little brother got an iPod with unrestricted internet on it. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do because I myself have unlimited internet. I'm scared he's going to end up like me. Can you help?

ANSWER: Are your parents aware of the extreme dangers of giving their child an unfiltered device?!

Show them some of the videos on this page:

And what about you? Do you need help to put in a good filter? See or contact a TAG office in your area.


Daily Dose of Dov
Obsessions of the Mind
By Dov

Spending time to figure out where I am 'holding' is poison to me. It's the same curiosity that I feel when I wonder "how that girl who walked by actually looks up close... hmmmm"... These are just obsessions of the mind, and I can't afford them. Besides, I have discovered that I'd rather be a dolt and die never having ever known exactly what my madreiga is or where the process is up to... as long as I am staying sober and honest with myself, my G-d, and with the people in my life. Besides, it's nice to have a surprise when we get 'up there', no?

Recording of Duvid Chaim's Call - Rabbi Shafier

So Inspiring that I have to hear it again!

We are pleased to offer you the Recording of our Special Guest Speaker - R. Ben Tzion Shafier

On the Guard Your Eyes Conference Call


Is your life full of Struggle and Difficulties?

And it doesn't make a damn bit of sense to you! What did I do to deserve this? Where are you now G-d when I need you...can't you give me a break???

Rabbi Shafier taught us these profound insights on the Call:

We become complacent - then we stagnate.

Then a difficulty arises - to challenge us

"We can either Transcend, Crumble - but Choose you must"

We see it as a Curse - but really it is an opportunity to grow

God orchestrates our lives so we can grow

Gave us TOOLS - one of them being Challenges

To hear other recordings of various speakers on the conference calls, visit

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Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)
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