Emotional Slavery - continued
  Breaking free Chizuk 1840  
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Torah: Tonight is BEDIKAS CHAMETZ And Tomorrow is BIYUR CHAMETZ!
Editor’s Note: Note from the Arizal
Torah: Emotional Slavery
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We all know on GYE what the REAL CHAMETZ is!

Let's make sure we get rid of it!

If you can throw out your computers, laptops, iPhones, Blackberries, etc... then by all means, NOW IS THE TIME! And if you can't because you need it for Parnassa, then make sure you have strong filters installed + Reporting software.

May we all be zoche to get rid of the real Chametz = Yetzer Hara from inside of us, and to experience TRUE FREEDOM this coming Pesach.


Editor’s Note
Note from the Arizal

The Mishna Brura brings from the Arizal that working hard and sweating while making Matzos is a big tikkun for hotzoas zera livatala. 

Emotional Slavery
Part 2/2
By GYE Corp.

Rabbi Zvi Elimelech of Dinov (Bnei Yissaschar) provides an additional insight. The prohibition of chametz on Passover is much harsher than that of other forbidden foods. For example, if a piece of non-kosher meat falls into a pot of kosher food, and the volume of the kosher food is at least 60 times that of the non-kosher meat, the food may be eaten. However, if a tiny crumb of chametz falls into a huge vat of food on Passover, even if the volume is infinitely great -- a million to one -- the entire vat of food is prohibited. The tiniest crumb of chametz cannot be considered negligible.

Bnei Yissaschar explains the difference between chametz and matzah. Matzah is never allowed to be left without someone working it. From the time the flour and water are combined, the dough is kneaded, promptly rolled out, perforated, and baked. Nothing happens to the matzah that is not the direct effect of someone handling it. Not so with chametz, where the ingredients are mixed and then set aside for a period of time to rise. The latter process is spontaneous, occurring without anyone's doing anything to make it rise.

Matzah and chametz, therefore, represent two perspectives. Chametz represents the idea that things can happen by themselves, while matzah symbolizes that nothing happens unless someone makes it happen. There is no spontaneity.

The Torah did not wish to deprive us of bread all year, but when we celebrate our independence and our free will, the matzah reminds us that there is no spontaneity in the world. Everything is at all times under the direct providence of God. Except for the choice in behavior, of moral and ethical acts that God assigned to man, there is not even the tiniest occurrence that is spontaneous. The Baal Shem Tov was very emphatic about this, saying that if someone digs into sand, each of the millions of grains of sand falls into the place where God wills it to be. Not even the placement of a grain of sand is without design.

Matzah, therefore, symbolizes that everything in the world, great and small, is under the direction of God. That is why the Zohar refers to matzah as "the bread of faith."

In the order of the Seder, we eat the matzah before the marror (bitter herbs). Inasmuch as the marror symbolizes the enslavement, would it not be proper that the marror precede the matzah, which represents the liberation? Herein lies an important concept. The Israelites had become so inured to being slaves that they did not recognize the bitterness of the condition. It was only after they had a taste of freedom that they realized how bitter it was to be a slave.

This can be applied directly to addiction. During the addiction, one is unaware of the brutality of his condition. It is only after one breaks free of the bonds of the addiction that he can understand how dreadful this condition had been.

But addiction is not the only time this phenomenon occurs. A person may be living a lifestyle in which he believes himself to be happy, and only when he is enlightened does he realize how mistaken he had been to think that he was truly happy... In retrospect they see that a life without a higher goal, a life devoid of spirituality, is beneath the dignity of man...

Reprinted with permission from Innernet.org and excerpted with permission from "Simchah: It's Not Just Happiness." Published by Shaar Press, distributed by Mesorah Publications Ltd.

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