Purim 5778
  Breaking Free Chizuk: Purim 5778  
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Torah: Adam and Haman
Attitude & Perspective: Get Your Happy On!
Daily Dose of Dov: Dov Talks About Purim
Torah: Put On A Mask - In Order to Take it Off!
Torah: Why We Dress Up
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Where can Haman be found in the Torah?

Yaakov, GYE Founder, discusses where the root of Haman's evil comes from, and how we can overcome Amalek with the Simcha of Purim.

For a quick transcription of this audio's message, see the article right below.

Adam and Haman
By Yaakov from GYE

The Gemara in Chulin (139b) asks, where can we find “Haman” (from the story of Purim) in the Torah? Says Rav Masnah, "from the pasuk after the sin of the Eitz Hadaas when Hashem asks Adam: 'Did you eat from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?'” In Lashon Kodesh the words are: “Hamin ha’etz etc…” The word “Haman” and “Hamin” have the same letters.

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Attitude & Perspective
Get Your Happy On!
Daily Dose of Dov
Dov Talks About Purim
By Dov

Purim was a neis nistar, Hashem was hidden all through the story - all through it. We dress up in disguises or funny costumes, and are hidden too.

Well, Hashem saved me from my own hidden life; my own disguise that I wore all the time - oh, it was incredibly draining! And stupid.

Life was and is so much better without lust - the very thing I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I couldn't live without! Life is real, it's geshmak, it's useful, it's real, it's consumingly interesting and full of surprises, and... did I say that "it's real"?

Gevalt! What a fool I was! Nu, but that's an addict. A real fool.

And I am still a "fool". It's just that this here fool is a fool for Hashem! Share my mistakes with others? Lead with my weakness? Give up to win? Good for free? Trust in an invisible G-d? What am I nuts!?! So it seems....

Lets all have a l'chayim and say this foolish thing together: "To heck with me - what can I do for You/you?"

Kinda silly, huh?

Put On A Mask - In Order to Take it Off!

Purim is a time where all inhibitions and screens are removed. We dress like different people in order to cover over our "selves" of the whole year - so we can touch our REAL selves. And we drink to let go of our "daas" for the same reason. Even if our lives are filled with darkness and slips all year round, on Purim we can reach very high levels. A Jew who yearns for his Father in Heaven, even if it's far down in his heart and covered over all year, on Purim he can touch that Nekudah. Purim is a time when we get in touch with our deepest inner yearnings. The Sefarim tell us that in the very high upper worlds there is a place where even the evil and darkness is all good. That is the level we reach when we drink "until we don't know the difference between Haman and Mordichai". This is also the inyan of "Ve'nahafoch hu" - when even the darkness and evil is shown to be chesed of Hashem in the end. One day we will see how all our struggles were Hashem's greatest chesed to us. On Purim we can touch that feeling...

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Why We Dress Up
By Hoffman, Rabbi Yair

The Apter Rav - the Ohaiv Yisroel writes that one of the reasons why we dress up in masquerade on Purim is to show that the miracle of Purim came from something that actually would have initially caused us much grief. This, says the Apter Rebbe, stresses that the greatest joy lies in the knowledge that the opposite result might very well have happened. It is a Minhag that brings us ever closer to the true Dveikus Bashem and Simcha that lies at the heart of what Purim is all about.

Let us, with this in mind, remember the words of the Nesivus Shalom regarding drinking on Purim. He writes that the word "wine" is absent in the formulation of the Shulchan Aruch. "Chayav adam libsumei bePuraya ad delo yada."

The reason is clear. We must become inebriated with the concept of Purim and not with wine. The concept of Purim is that Hashem is very close and that we can achieve remarkable D'vaikus B'Hashem at this time. No matter how distant we are - even if we are "Arur Haman" in terms of our general distance from Hashem- we can become, at this particular time of Purim, as close as Boruch Mordechai.


From an article on Vosizneias over here.

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