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Image of the Day: ...admitting you have a problem.
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The first step towards a solution is ...

...admitting you have a problem.
...admitting you have a problem.
My son and my shmiras ainayim
By Anonymous

A German Yid once traveled to the tzaddik Reb Pinchas of Koritz to request a bracha for his daughter who had suddenly become blind. "The reason," said Reb Pinchas, "is that her father is also blind and this is a hereditary disease." The Yid protested, "But my eyes are perfectly healthy, and I don't even wear glasses!"
The tzaddik explained that a sinner is the one who is truly blind. He warned the Yid that his entire family was in danger of losing their vision, for "One who gazes upon the face of a rasha, his eyes grow dim."

Hearing this, the Yid wept and resolved to begin conducting his life according to Torah, and upon his return to Germany, he made his home kosher in all respects. When the daughter was cured, she traveled to Koritz to see the tzaddik and donated money for the writing of two sifrey Torah.

ספורי חסידים זוין תורה עי 97

My own son was having issues with his feet and legs. It seemed kind of normal and we had normal medical procedures at first. But after many months and repeated doctor appointments, one of the doctors said that "this is so weird! I can't understand what is happening." From that moment on I became extra cautious in guarding my eyes all day every day (even while I am driving a taxi in New York City). Within 1 week, all of the casts and crutches and boots that he had been in for 6 months completely stopped, and thank God, so far, for the past month and a half he's able to walk around again without any artificial assistance.

I hope H' will keep helping further...


This Hamodia article talks about our work, particularly in the UK. 

GYE in the UK
Attitude & Perspective
Principle 21: There’s always hope

Rav Yisrael Salanter said: “As long as the candle is lit, one can still fix.” And Rabbi Nachman said “There’s absolutely no such thing in the world as giving up.” There is always hope, even from what seems to be the deepest depths of sin and despair. Rabbi Nachman also said: “If you believe you can destroy, believe you can fix.” There is no such thing as a sin that can’t be fixed, or a situation that is completely hopeless.

As we brought above, the Zohar says that there can be no light if it doesn’t come first through the darkest darkness. Even in a state of deep darkness, we must recognize that Hashem is with us, loves us, and is hiding Himself only so that we will ultimately be able to appreciate His light so much more. Hashem is always ready to help us, as soon as we are ready to let Him.

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