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Gird Thy Sword Upon Thy Thigh
Bereshit 240b
By Zohar

Rabbi Abba taught: "Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O valorous one; thy glory and thy majesty," (Tehillim, 45:4.)

The main point of the matter, is that G-d has given the sign of the holy Brit, and stamped it upon men for them to guard it, and not blemish it - it being the stamp of the King. He who blemishes it, behold, the sword which avenges the blemish to the Brit is raised up against him, (Vayikra, 26:25,) to avenge the blemish to the holy Brit which is impressed on him and which he impaired.

He who desires to safeguard this place should hurry and make a rectification-tikun on himself. When the evil inclination gains strength over him, he should picture the sword that is girded on the thigh to punish anyone who blemishes this place. This is the reason it says: "Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O valorous one." This one is called valorous, and this is his "glory and majesty."

Rabbi Twerski
One Day at a Time

I have the zechus of hearing Rabbi/Dr.Twerksi speak most days for a few minutes in between Mincha and Maariv. Today, Hashem gave me some much needed chizuk. Rabbi Twerksi asked the famous question from the parsha, what does the pasuk mean that Yaakov's waiting for Rochel felt like "yammim achadim"? Why did it feel quick, it should have been the opposite? And he answered something we all have heard many times, but it resonated a lot more with me today. He said that one of his patients, an alcoholic, once gave him the answer. He said what is "yamim achadim"? Singular days. HE TOOK IT ONE DAY AT A TIME!!! That is what made it manageable. He didn't say, "Ok, it's time to work for 7 years". That would be too hard. Instead, he said, "let me work today". And that's exactly what we all need to do!

While I have obviously heard this many times before on this site, it really struck me the way he said it. My Maariv was definitely different, and hopefully I can start living more right now.

Addiction and Recovery through Jewish Eyes
Daily Dose of Dov
It's time I stopped playing House
Dov's brutal honesty with himself:
By Dov

I had an amazing realization B"H this morning during my quiet time, and I want to share it with you.

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