Is it worth it?
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Image of the Day: Is the Truth Worth It?
Editor’s Note: A Better You
Text: I clean up the messes of the porn industry.
Prevention: Is it worth it?
Chizuk: Reincarnated as an impure bird
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Image of the Day
Is the Truth Worth It?
Is the Truth Worth It?
Editor’s Note
A Better You

The following recommendation does not constitute an endorsement by GYE, but it may be worthwhile exploring:

A Better You


The Better You Planner is an organized system, based on the concept of ‘Spiritual Accounting’, to help you become better by tackling some of your bad habits in just 4 weeks. 

I clean up the messes of the porn industry.
Is it worth it?
By A.K.
By GYE Member

One thing I feel that really helps me when I'm about to fall is to stop for a second, and think logically about what the pros and cons of this fall would be.

For example:

Pros: 1) I get pleasure. 2) it relieves stress. (And that's all I'm able to come up with, besides for the fact I'm so much more stressed out afterwards regretting what I did).

Cons: 1) it distances me from my wife and family. 2) I feel so stupid and sad afterwards. 3) disrupts my concentration 4) it ruins my learning 5) it makes me doubt myself about my level of frumkeit and makes me feel like I'm a faker.

And trust me, I could always come up with more cons, but I can't think of anymore pros than those, and those are only b'shas the neffilah because one second afterwards I feel terrible for a lot longer than the amount of time of the pleasure.

So is it really worth it?

Reincarnated as an impure bird
By Fishman, Tzvi

Taken From Tzvi Fishman's Arutz Sheva Blog.

There are many unfortunate consequences for a Jew who follows after his eyes. Since many people look upon this lightly, let me share a Kabbalistic secret to help impress the gravity of this transgression in your minds. In the "Sefer Haredim," in the Gate of Reincarnation, it is written that a person who habitually gazes at women to enjoy their beauty will be reincarnated as an impure bird called the "Roah," which means "he saw."

Regarding this, the holy Torah giant and Kabbalist, Rabbi Aharon Rota, writes: "If you think to say, my brother, what is so bad about this? That if you will be reincarnated in a bird, you can fly around freely to this place and that, what's so terrible in that? But you should know, my brother, that to be reincarnated in an impure thing, G-d forbid, is worse than the terrible fires of Gehinom. Furthermore, unlike a reincarnation in human form, when the person is unaware of his previous life, when a person is reincarnated in an impure bird, he is conscious all of the time that he was once a Jew with a pure and exalted soul, and that now he is doomed to the life of an impure and foul-smelling bird – how shameful and ignominious is his hell. All because he did not safeguard his eyes from looking at improper things" ("Taharat HaKodesh," Chapter on Guarding One's Eyes, Section 18).

But this isn't all, my friends. The next time that you are tempted to take a second glance at an immodestly dressed woman, or to click on an erotic site on the Internet, remember that after the reincarnation in an impure bird, another reincarnation is needed in a less impure beast, then another reincarnation in a pure animal, each time experiencing the pain of death and mental suffering involved, until the cycle is completed, and only then does the person begin the time in Gehinom that has been apportioned to him for his sins.

Is it worth it?

Do you think you may have a porn addiction?

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