Change is Painful. But what is the alternative?
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Image of the Day: Get UnStuck - despite the pain
Torah: From Refraining to Prophesising
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Torah: Prerequisite for Kabbalas HaTorah: GUARD YOUR EYES
Torah: From Refidim to Midbar Sinai
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Image of the Day
Get UnStuck - despite the pain
Get UnStuck - despite the pain
From Refraining to Prophesising
By Rabbi Price

The Baal HaTurim [Bamidbar 6:6] says that the reason a Nazir cannot be near a dead body is so that if his Nezirus brings him Ruach HaKodesh, people should not suspect that it is not Ruach HaKodesh, but that he is really communicating with evil spirits through the dead (Doresh El HaMeisim). Rav Elyashiv, zt"l, in Divrei Aggada, points out that although a Navi has Ruach HaKodesh, he has no restriction to avoid dead bodies.

What is the difference? He answers, that the pasuk by Nazir says (6:2), “Ish Ki Yafli Lindor.” The Ibn Ezra says that the word Yafli is from the word Peleh, a wonder. The whole world follows their desires, and this person chooses not to do so. This is a wonder!

By a Navi everyone sees and knows that he is holy person, and they know his Ruach HaKodesh is attained through spiritual purity. However, when they see a simple person, whose whole greatness is that he merely refrains from the physical pleasure of drinking wine for thirty days, they cannot fathom the holiness of this act; and the last thing they think is that this act can raise him to the level of Ruach HaKodesh. They suspect that he has been doing some forbidden black magic through the dead. Therefore, the Torah tells the Nazir to stay away from dead bodies to avoid suspicion. [Till here from Rav Elyashiv, zt"l]

The upshot is that an average person can achieve unbelievable high levels of kedusha by refraining from physical pleasures - certainly from powerfully enticing ones and certainly from ones that are assur!


Yesterday, many of us said the Teffilas Hashlah for the success of our children's ruchniyus. 

In this powerful shiur, Rabbi Reisman speaks about the guilt that prevents a person from serving Hashem, which is often most pronounced in these personal and private aveiros, because people think that they are the only ones who are struggling with it. Rabbi Reisman says over that he heard from a big Mechanech, that with most kids-at-risk or OTD today, what drove them away from Yiddishkeit at first, was the guilt they felt over these types of aveiros. And he quotes a powerful piece from the Shlah Hakadosh at 28.00 minutes into the Shiur (translated below): 

"Those Chassidim who are stringent to say that there is no way to fix this sin - may Heaven save us - as I have heard from their mouths, they increase the sinners in Yisrael and push people away from under the wings of the Divine Presence. And they are not called "Chassidim" but rather "Chasseirim" (they are missing), and their punishment is very great."


The Shlah Hakadosh on GUILT

Mishpacha Magazine - Lifelines, June 1, 2016

An inspiring story about addiction, recovery and Guardyoureyes!

Reprinted with permission of Mishpacha Magazine © Mishpacha Magazine Inc. All rights reserved

Double Life

The author sent us an email after the story was printed last week and wrote: "Here’s a letter I got about the story that I thought you’d want to see."

"As I read this week's LifeLines, I cried.  I felt as though the narrator was reading my mind.  Although I am not at his stage of life, I am also pulled to the internet in a way that causes so much pain.  In our circles, this is not something very much discussed, so I have not really told anyone the extent of my issue.  In fact, no one knows about it - to the point where I have done things I never would have otherwise done in order to get myself out of many sticky situations.

Reading LifeLines, I saw how the narrator found the courage to get help, to get himself out of this twisted, sticky Web.  Reading his story gave me hope.  It gave me courage.  It gave me the will and strength to look into getting help myself.

Thank you for addressing issues like these, which our community stuffs into the closet, from where they have the ability to later jump out and become much bigger problems.

You never know who these articles can and will help, and in what way - definitely so much more than the author can possibly imagine.

Thank you for giving me hope."

~A teenage Bais Yaakov girl caught in the Web

Prerequisite for Kabbalas HaTorah: GUARD YOUR EYES
By An Honest Mouse

This comes from the book called 'timeless seasons' by Rabbi Pinchos Roberts, but I figure most people haven't heard of it and it is SO relevant to us.

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From Refidim to Midbar Sinai

"Bayom Hazeh Ba'u Midbar Sinai - on this day, they came to the desert of Sinai". Chazal say (Shabbos 86b) that we arrived at Midbar Sinai on Rosh Chodesh Sivan.

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